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"Facilities Projects in a Time of Risk and Uncertainty: Advice for Charter School Boards" - Shared screen with speaker view
Carrie Irvin
Hello everyone!
Carrie Irvin
Please feel free to put your questions in the chat. If you submitted one in advance, I have it and will be asking our panelists during the Q&A
Please repeat the questions, or askers, please set the "To" to "All Panelists and Attendees. Thank you!
Carrie Irvin
In addition to questions—please feel free to share in this chat any suggestions, strategies, successes, or stories from your own board, and those of you who work in this field please chime in here. We would love to hear from you!
Carrie Irvin
Thanks Tina. I will definitely repeat the questions as I ask them during Q&A.
Suzanne Ehlers
Hi all, Suzanne Ehlers here, board member at LAMB. We are in the middle of a big project. A few observations: this already was a full-time project mgmt job, and COVID layers on even more time and moving parts. The architect/ design space is moving and responding but there are still BIG questions about how (Montessori) schools will need to look different in a post-COVID environment.
Suzanne Ehlers
Force majeure… can we be creative about sourcing and suppliers? Can we push back if such a letter is issued by a GC? No huge COVID-related delays *yet* but we are contingency planning all the time.
Suzanne Ehlers
Security on construction sites a concern as well, as times are tough and theft across the board is up.
Nathan Vallette
That's a great point and if your financing partner is separate from your Developer, they likely will be strong partners in driving these questions and answers from the developer
Suzanne Ehlers
Tough time for fundraising and any kind of capital campaign, so we were already delaying some bigger aspects of the project and now we are definitely delaying other aspects. Our community has more pressing needs (food, safety, distance learning) and we as a board have to honor that and be patient.
Richard Billings
Kevin Sved
If the new school building can help address community response to COVID-19 crises (added community space), would that open the project up to special government funding?
Angela angela@aohdc.org
Can people please mute their lines if they're not talking? There's a lot of background noise
Sara Batterton
There have been a lot of articles about office space redesign and lobby redesign/features for monitoring who enters (temp checks, etc.)
Sara Batterton
On a related note, I think there is an opportunity for single sites to collaborate in a much deeper way around facilities/asset management in this COVID environment. This will enhance their buying power on things like cleaning/health standards.
Sara Batterton
Thanks Carrie, Rich and David for facilitating this session. I have to run. Appreciate you hosting this.
Carrie Irvin
We will share the PPT and link on our blog at edboards.org
Carrie Irvin
Please feel free to reach out to me at carrie@edboards.org
Lydia Adelfio
Thanks for posting the Ring the Bell article about risks. Very helpful.
Joe Bruno
Happy to assist any schools with respect to real estate development project management or financing---jbruno@bhope.org
Nathan Vallette
If anyone needs help with facility financing, please reach out: nvallette@tortoiseadvisors.com
Nathan Vallette
Thank you all for this webinar, it was well done and had a lot of great tips in it!