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CIDCI Online Salon: Impact Sourcing: The Next IPD - Shared screen with speaker view
margie odriscoll
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Amir Sharif
Thank you Tim; and great to zoom meet you Afdhel. Question to Afdhel, on the VCs ie: Fifth Walls of the impact space.We are about to open the door to investors who share our values; on construction and operations and are in stealth mode at the moment.3ROOTS is an Impact Housing Project under development in North Vancouver, BC. In partnership with Chandos, BC Housing and http://mg-architecture.ca/ it aspires to be the world's tallest affordable mass-timber building.Philosophically, British Columbia is keen to be the Harvard of Sustainable Development and Mass-Timber. We are engaged with multiple levels of government, and uniquely positioned to champion this disruption locally, and in partnership with collaborators across the continent and globe (including Europe).   QUESTION: Who are the top 5 or 10 VC's that can be aligned with this?@imamirsharif @wearecasaworksMaking Real Estate Beautiful, Affordable + Sustainable.
Monica Zwissler
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