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Summer Institute: A Kingdom Vision for Our Post-Pandemic World
Mae Chan
Welcome everyone!
Becky McKeen
Welcome to Summer Institute: A Kingdom Vision for Our Post-Pandemic World - Week Two
Leah Tang
Can you pose the two questions again in Chat?
Becky McKeen
What are of racial justice did you lament. Please share a few thoughts. How were you led? What was the easiest and hardest part?
Beth Phimister
I lament the silence in the face of inhumanity for generations. we kept silent ignored the plight of racial injustice.
Becky McKeen
Karen E Hard…social worker and now in housing eviction prevention. Generational poverty. 85% African American. Not fair or just. Why do I have so much and some so little. While so much income inequity? Are we not all God’s children? Privileged and ignorant and judging who is worthy. Feeling righteous. Confess to pride, arrogance, attitude, false love. Dispenser of assistance, never receiver. Easier to look away than at inequity and pain!
Becky McKeen
Mae - Police brutality unpunished. Put myself in it and not just another headline. Essential to our dysfunction. Not just another thing wrong. Appalling and what to do?
Leah Tang
I lamented the dominance of one group over another, and the ignorance of so many to the cries of the oppressed. I lament the generations of those who grow up under it and that perpetuate it. I am ashamed of my silence and my complicity. And I’m ashamed of my faith community’s silence and inaction, passively waiting for someone else to step in and make change happen.
loud black raucous voices in my neighborhood cause me to wince But maybe God is inviting me to pay attention to how shrivelled my own heart is deaf to such passion and joy of life.
Becky McKeen
Project. The athletes bowed heads and raised fist. They were skewered by the media when they came home. Writers didn’t write about symbolism. Working class were represented and lynching of African Americans. The athletes had socks on and no shoes. Represented that their people couldn’t afford shoes - they are a luxury. We can’t live in others shoes…really we can’t? Christ walked in our shoes! 52 years later going through this again. We are able to rectify because we are going through this again.
Luke Lim
I cried every day, for 15 days, for people I do not know - more than for my relatives and friends who had died suddenly and tragically. I cried because of the words they said, their survived said, and the suffering in their lives expressed in their words.
Michael Barram
I lament that as a white person, I sometimes tend to spend so much of my energy thinking about how hard this work is, so often missing how crazy that is given how much daily horror others experience on the other end of our white-centric society.
Becky McKeen
Monica - Blessings in growing up in Berkeley - Beverly Hills for blacks. Range in class from flats to hills. Privilege of being white. School showed individuality of everybody. Accept everyone in from of you as a person. Kathy Withers smartest and black. Kids with ragged clothes. Unfairness taught kids with emotional behavior problems. Why am I so blessed? Feeling helpless. Have to treat this person as Jesus would. Helplessness of not being able to do more. Helplessness because it is so DEEPLY embedded in people and culture. What do you say to snide remarks? What can I do?
Beth Thomsen
I lament that I am such a deep part of the system and that I haven’t recognized it. And so much more.
Becky McKeen
Kathy Drake - The core of lament is deep distrust and lament at own ignorance. It floors me now that Iknow more and the fact that I have been so blind.
Becky McKeen
Janie So relate to Kathy. Ecclesiastes - What time is this for me? Feeling ignorance. My commitment is as thin water running down the sink. Hypocrite and my core remains the same. There are layers that need to work through.
Becky McKeen
Suzanne - Living with this grew up in Kentucky and Georgia. Bi-racial grandson. Took 4 years of legal battles to adopt. Lament on long adoption process. Confession once able to adopt that all would be sweetness and light. Foolish to think that racism wouldn’t harm him. He is almost 10 and already experience all the racism. I thought somehow we could protect him! There is more heart to pour out.
Becky McKeen
Arlene - two teenage bi-racial grandsons. Its very scary. Carson just turned 17 and starting to drive. Lament was more blaming God but also the church. The Known World book Edward P. Jones. All about life of the slaves and the church was terrible to these dear people and it breaks my heart. God’s heart must have broken too and continues to break. I now God is all powerful and loving. Why aren’t you doing anything? I guess this comes down to me and my pride and just being upset with others.
Becky McKeen
Mindy - God the world is burning and the fire rages along lines of race and class while poor black and brown choose between race an livieliehood. I comfortably work from home and complain about too many Zooms. Why does it feel uncomfortable to complain to God. It feels more vulnerable to name a complaint. Not sure yet, just feels easier to confess than complain.
Kari H
Oh Lord, I come to you on my knees, groaning, as words spin yet fail to come togetherI have thought, I have felt, I have believed, but I confess that I have been hesitant to act and to walk. Why? Out of fear. Fear of my safety, of saying or doing the wrong thing, of what other people would think. My heart and mind are on a journey of understanding the complexities of generational wealth and poverty. I acknowledge that I live a safe and secure life due to generational white privilege, and that I am ignorant as to how my story and ability to be privileged could be (or likely has been) on the backs of others.
Jan Brown
We can’t hear Tom.
Becky McKeen
Hi microphone is on. Is your volume up Jan?
Becky McKeen
Tom People are depending on privilege and their covenant with God! Jeremiah says we need to go back to relationship and need to keep our end of covenant. Bounce between why God? and what to do?
Becky McKeen
Tom- promise is still soft spot in God’s heart. Even nations that are being spoken against, even there God has a soft spot. As a church and individuals we have work to do. We are in exile but realize our sinfulness and God help us reverse this systemic racism!
Becky McKeen