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Lead Authentically in Changing Times - Shared screen with speaker view
Margo Gouley
Good morning, everyone! We will begin promptly at 11 PST. You are all muted, and will remain muted. Please engage with us through the CHAT or the Q&A.
Margo Gouley
Change your "To:" field in the chat to "all panelists and attendees" so that we can have an ongoing conversation as a group.
Margo Gouley
I will be monitoring the chat and the Q&A as Shalyma presents. Please engage with us!
Margo Gouley
Good morning, everyone! We will begin promptly at 11 PST. You are all muted, and will remain muted. Please engage with us through the CHAT or the Q&A.Change your "To:" field in the chat to "all panelists and attendees" so that we can have an ongoing conversation as a group.I will be monitoring the chat and the Q&A as Shalyma presents. Please engage with us!
al-noor rajan
Thank You for hosting this session in advance
Margo Gouley
You are most welcome
Margo Gouley
Certainly-- send me a message and Ill get it to you
Nicole Cook
Schooling my kids at home while trying to work
Andrea Wooles
I’m spending much more time supporting my kids’ mental health, during my work hours
Feisal Mohamedali
Every meeting has moved over to Skype and Zoom. Very different than in person meetings
Nicole Cook
Missing in person connections
Julie Unger
Managing and sifting through mountains of information; leading teams remotely
Michel Hamelin
Connect with good friends.
Dina Davidson
In health care, so much has changed, and many regular tasks take much longer due to distancing/PPE/cleaning needs.
Nina Aujla
Virtual meetings - conference calls - active participation
Charlotte Lawson
From a very face to face/in person work style all connections with colleagues and clients is by zoom or phone/email.
Natalie Young
Managing staff working from home and having them balance work and family demands.
Kate Polkovsky
trying to find a safe place for my daughter to be, as I have to be in the office dealing with frontline staff, and having work and home being so intermingled
Isabella Hodson
I'm finding it challenging to connect authentically with my team and my social groups, and finding it frustrating to have so much online - there's really too much.
zoe miles
in the sporting world - our facilities have all been closed and still are uncertain when will be open again in parts of the country - this is drastically changed how our programming is taking place, and how we lead as coaches.
Natalie Young
We are finding a lack of accountability with certain team members
Nicole Cook
Pressure of managing a company in a crisis, with health and personal issues and concerns on top of everything else
al-noor rajan
I am very lucky that I can do my job at home as 95% of TELUS employees can work from home but I would prefer to go back to the office. I want work/life balance again
Melanie Rohat-Meheust
loss of job!
Nicola Schuck
In addition to what everyone has mentioned - I work in an event venue and run a visitor centre. We are focused on in person interactions. How do we balance virtual offerings while figuring out what our return eventually looks like. I once had 26 student employees and now it's a much smaller team!
Animesh Kulshreshtha
Every conversation is recorded.. it is safe
Margo Gouley
When is it difficult to find the right balance between authenticity and audience-centeredness?
al-noor rajan
I use my dinning room and put everything away at 5 to have some sort of balance between work/personal life
Nina Aujla
Finding the right balance with keep to time, and the messaging while listening.
Debra Haldane
I schedule breaks and 'start' / 'quit' time into my calendar. it has been essential in my ability to maintain work/life balance. I guide my direct reports to do the same
Andrea Wooles
Because I am at home when I’m working, I find it easier to be highly authentic even when I should be in “work” mode
Gary Lengyell
I wear in-door 'work shoes'. I put them on when I start in the morning and take them off ~5pm. Helps to create separation.
Nicole Cook
Booking mama-time in my calendar and booking off lunch so I can provide time to my faimily througout the day
Dina Davidson
I have to remember to smile with clients who can seem really self-centred to me while I am in the midst of my own personal and work challenges.
Margo Gouley
What about communication? Is it hard to strike the balance between authenticity and audience-centered?
Nicole Cook
To Melanie: so sorry you lost your job :(
Lori Fuller
Because I get distracted easily and because I can't see body language when on the phone, I turn and face a wall. Allows me to concentrate more on the words.
Tristan Crees
I've been having daily Zoom huddles with my team and being quite casual and "authentic". Then I had a client meeting also via Zoom and was too casual - I accidentally said things I probably shouldn't have. The lack of physical cues (room, dress) made me forget the significance of the audience/situation.
Margo Gouley
Great example, Tristan!
Margo Gouley
What values do you hold in the four different areas?
Garth Day
Honesty, Collaboration, integrity, delivering value, considerate
Enya Ren
@ Lori Fuller: that’s a great strategy! Thanks for sharing
Andrea Wooles
Professional: creativity | Self: integrity | community: supportive | family: love
Nicole Cook
Prof: Accountabillity \ Self: Authenticity \ Community: helping others \ Family:Caring
Margo Gouley
Very interesting perspective, Kevin.
Andrea Wooles
I used to hold back from using my empathy at work, because the culture doesn’t value it. But then I chose to bring it anyways, and it opened up relationships with some of my colleagues
Nina Aujla
Part of my values is Honesty and holding myself with accountable while holding to true to Intregrity. My triggers are when I observe the opposite behaviours from others.
Alannah Fox
I value my time and focus professionally, and have challenges expressing that authentically to others; while leaders should expect interruptions, there are a LOT.
Tristan Crees
Re: Brene Brown comment - great question! I think it's important to show vulnerability, but to ALSO show a plan to deal with it. I..e don't present a problem without at least attempting a solution.
Andrea Wooles
I find it difficult to be creative when I don’t feel valued
Margo Gouley
Bianca-- exactly! That's the balance between authenticity and audience-centeredness that Shalyma is describing.
Margo Gouley
How do you manage your triggers? Share some of your strategies here.
Kate Polkovsky
I take a deep breath and either change my position in the room, helps me gain perspective but also interrupt my reaction
Melanie Rohat-Meheust
breathing exercices and forced pause are helpful when I recognize a triggering situation!
Andrea Wooles
counting backwards from 10 in Estonian ( I don’t speak estonian)
Tristan Crees
I have that old woman/young woman picture on my wall at work and I visualize that to remind myself that there is always another perspective.
Nina Aujla
Breathe, go for a walk, recognise own emotional response, think through rationally
Kate Polkovsky
i like the statement of the non-negotiables understanding what is important to each person and how you can support them and link them stronger to the work and to your team
Chavah Avraham
we do need to accept a degree of diversity in our teams
Nina Aujla
Team work is all about comprising, thus No I in team!
Chavah Avraham
we used a retreat to collectively establish our values, mission and vision and we are currently thinking about how to ensure these are supported by our culture
Chavah Avraham
we want to put mechanism in place that support the value driven desired behaviours
Andrea Wooles
Thank you!
Kaelyn Elfert
Thank you! Great webinar :)
Kate Polkovsky
thanks so much!
Tracey Murray
Thank you for the wonderful and informative presentation - lots of good take aways.
Freda Wong
thank you!
Lori Fuller
Thank you. Looking forward to more of these