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Global Seminar Series: The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on mental health. The case of Taiwan. - Shared screen with speaker view
Chris Barrie
Preparedness is the key to successful management of threats like Covid 19. Australia had its last exercise in pandemic management in 2008. So we were not prepared for Covid 19. Taiwan leads the way in showing us how this should be done. When was the last exercise in pandemic management held in Taiwan? Will the WHO publish lessons learned from Taiwan's experience?
John Mendoza
You indicated that the maximum of media viewing on the pandemic should be no more than 30 minutes per day. Is there evidence to support that?
John Mendoza
Jenny are the after suicide attempt follow up home visits still happening with the Covid-19 outbreak?
Kenneth Mort
On that same topic: What are your thoughts on the effect of Social Media (twitter, reddit, ...) as either a 'calming' or 'alarming' effect on the populations mental wellbeing.
John Mendoza
Really great to have people self-monitoring mental health / wellbeing
John Mendoza
Jenny are you seeing an increase in the Mood Thermometer results with Covid-19?
Luis Salvador
It seems that early proactive action and planning is critical. How works the monitoring system in Taiwan? I read that over 124 discrete action items to prevent the spread of the disease have been imp,lemented: can you explain the screening and tracking procedure? What is the level of confinement and impact on the economy?
Luis Salvador
To my knowledge the NHS in Taiwan is unique in Asia: I did not know about the development of the community MH centres: is there any paper in Englisg that explains the system?
Sebastian Rosenberg
has Covid changed Taiwan’s model of mental health care, eg home visits?
Giulio Castelpietra
very interesting presentation thank you! I am really concerned in Italy on the possible increase of suicide attempts in this last phases of lockdown and after...Empirical evidences from Emergency psychiatric wards in my region are evidencing this...Do you have similar experiences? do you have a survellance system on suicide attempts there? I am trying to look at this data in Italy, but is very complex...