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Antiviral Europe - Shared screen with speaker view
Thomas Schubatzky
Thank you very much for the presentation! I am a Physics Education Researcher at the university of Graz and interested in incorporating media literacy in science teaching (esp. using inoculation theory). Although the coronavirus but also other topics like climate change are topics which would naturally be taught in science classes, none of the teachers of your sample suggested science subjects to incorporate fact checking (at least I didn’t see it). Why do you think that is?
Thomas Schubatzky
Thank you very much!
Mikko Salo
EU-level key question for experts: TO SCALE-UP what role for social networks (platforms)? Under which CONDITIONS? Independency and independent funding crucial. ( I can ask live or just pass it on)
Kathy Meßmer
Thank you very much for the interesting talks and presentations. I work on digital news literacy at Stiftung Neue Verantwortung in Berlin and the question I am thinking about at the moment is: Since a lot of disinformation is shared by people 60 years and older, which options do we have to educate adults about news and information literacy? Thank you very much!
Žiga Turk
Very informative. Thank you.
Thomas Schubatzky
Thank you very much.
Christiana Varda
Thank you!
Lie Detectors - Adeline Brion
Thank you everyone!
Martyna Bajorinaite (EUN)
Many thanks for all for such insightful presentations! Was very interesting!
Annelie Naumann
Thank you!