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Resource Sharing and Support for Maine Churches Providing Social Services During COVID-19 Emergency - Shared screen with speaker view
Alyssa Lodewick
I have a question for Good Shepherd: Is the federal government doing anything to help food banks and/or social service agencies?
Alyssa Lodewick
And: What are the most important things we can tell our community members to do to help Good Shepherd and also other local agencies. Donations of money?
Wendy Rozene
As a pantry that has never used Good Shepherd before for supplies are we eligible to draw from GS? We do cleaning products, personal hygeine product and some food.
Alison Barker
Doctor told me that a 3-day quarantine for a bag of canned goods, boxed items should suffice.
Holly Hoffmann
Of the substances / surfaces I have read about 5 days was the longest time the virus lives (plastic was this substance)
Alyssa Lodewick
Question for Jess: Are pharmacies changing procedures to make it easier for someone other than the person named on the pill bottle to pick up prescriptions?
Alyssa Lodewick
Thanks, Jess. That is very helpful.
Alyssa Lodewick
Might we get in touch with USM and see if the university might help all of our organizations recruit volunteers?
Linda Carleton
Linda Carleton- Outreach Committee of Saint Luke’s- nothing to add. Thank you for the work you’re all doing. I have to go.
Holly Hoffmann
It’s been great to be a part of this conversation. I need to sign off now.
Alyssa Lodewick
Thanks, everyone. Keep up all of the good work! God bless ...
Alison Barker
Thank you for making this possible! Stay well!