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EHE Miami-Dade Community Engagement - Shared screen with speaker view
Jill Perri
good morning, thank you for joining!
Jill Perri
The announcement was circulated via email and social media, here is the link to the announcement: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001vI0IfUSmd3u67Kck7kCz72u_1OcJQxulYc9LmDGT-y5PIFfgXTfF9GXQZVLvZxy_QD2fFheoTCsQlrmi1M5VDCR3QkpztfMlyCxTNgEmpHQjzxuTfrDu0SQXs_cGKZonrvLnvpQ4Sq4xxXyXuNalkY2Nkik92XQlzUqgzPmKUEXeU8whVaycB3pio6leNE3sgyD0kBYLQoGMufCfttReFsjfrhu7ykH8Lu2Ps74U9SM=&c=47w-j7XeNXuJKW0_GnMzOTHVH_cMHqURy-ucFWT7s5h4sb1qjzhtvQ==&ch=KxOyeVEZGSUcCDhFOGLrJeVxTQwFqPZiB1ODE2d_10yCjYVlUdEnvw==
Jill Perri
We will forward the full announcement to everyone registered for the webinar
Jill Perri
yes, you can save your progress in your application in the portal and log out and then log back in to complete the application. However, documents uploaded will not save and must be uploaded when you are ready to submit
Jill Perri
the rate for rent should apply to the march-july period of time