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Kristen Schmidt
Original Question: This question is based on a covid free environment. We have residents who refuse to wear face masks or cannot tolerate wearing face masks. The guidance indicates resident should wear masks when out of their rooms or when staff are near, ie- providing care. We have attempted masks on each resident and documented the results. Residents who cannot tolerate or decline to wear face masks have been care planned to reflect this. Is our plan acceptable in the eyes of survey, or are we at risk of deficiency due to residents not wearing masks? Please advise
Robin Nelson
We are more concerned about ADL's and general care and what CMS's stance is on that
we also use shield for patients with respiratory issues and mask makes them feel like their suffocating doesn't work on everyone but for some it has
Kristen Schmidt
(Asymptomatic testing requirements)- The facility has active on call positions, as well as vendors who do not need to enter the building weekly. A 6 week review revealed, on average 85% of employed individuals work during a week. Will this negatively affect the ability to receive reimbursement?- If the positivity rate (identified by CMS) puts a county at an increased testing requirement, will this program accommodate testing reimbursement to meet the CMS requirements?- If employees are not available to test the week of 100% testing, (vacations, bereavement, etc.) can they just test when they return?
Cathy Gray
Please review the information you sent regarding "active" screening. Thanks!
Luanne Rogers
The Board of Examiners of Nursing Home administrators rules can be found on website for Emergency permits and / or Temporary license
We briefly spoke on Wednesday about some LTC facilities requiring COVID tests for visitors. You responded and said we are not allowed to require these tests. Is there a regulation you can point us to.
The Edgewood Centre - Tricia and Patty
Is there a difference between "visitors" and essential support visitors in terms of requiring a COVID test. It seems reasonable to expect the essential support visitor is tested since this is in line wih the testing requirments of other staff/contractors/vendors, etc.
It was briefly discussed Wednesday regarding how long we have to keep the screening logs for. Has there been clarification on timeline?
Theresa Calope
Is the Memo available at Genesis site?
Brianna Haskins-Belanger
https://www.cms.gov/files/document/qso-20-39-nh.pdf Nursing Home Visitation- COVID-19 This is the document visitor testing is discussed/addressed.
Robin Nelson
So we need to have the screening stations manned? We can't have our staff independently answer the questions?
Brianna Haskins-Belanger
This memo does state that " We understand that some states or facilities have dsignated categories of visitors, such as "essential caregivers", based on their visit history of resident designation. CMS does not distinguish between these types of visitors and other visitors. Using a person-centered approach when applying this guidance should cover all types of visitors, including those who have been categorized as "essential caregivers." "
Robin Nelson
We have a temperature Kiosk, is that okay?
Robin Nelson
Or do we have to have someone verify the temp.
The Edgewood Centre - Tricia and Patty
So it sounds like CMS does not allow essential support visitation as described in the state of NH outline. The essential support visitors as defined by our state is not the same as CMS as you stated. Therefore, it sounds like all visitors need to maintain social distance unless there are compelling reasons for compassionate care.
Kristie Holtz
Doreen Shockley
I will send link to Kristen
Kristen Schmidt
OPLC COVID-19 documents/waivers link. https://www.oplc.nh.gov/covid-19/index.htm
Kristen Schmidt
Kristen Schmidt
I don't have Wednesday's slides yet - but I will ping Taylor and ask for those so that I can post!
Brianna Haskins-Belanger
https://data.cms.gov/stories/s/COVID-19-Nursing-Home-Data/bkwz-xpvg Under the COVID-19 Testing section of this page there is a link that will prompt an excel sheet that has the county positivity rate for the nation.
Lynda P. Goldthwaite
Thank you for keeping us up to date