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Representation in American Nature Writing: A Conversation with Kathryn Aalto - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Frederick
Please use chat to send us your questions.
Geoff Wisner
What similarities and differences do you see between the traditions of nature writing in the US and Britain?
Geoff Wisner
Are there writers you would like to have included in Writing Wild but couldn't for one reason or another?
Dennis Noson
Forgot to include attendees:
Geoff Wisner
When did women start using the "I" in nature writing? I'm reading How to Know the Ferns (1899) by Frances Theodora Parsons, and she is quite opinionated and willing to say "I."
Dennis Noson
Silko's portrait of the landscape strikes me as very physically oriented, topological rather than viewed as a painterly "landscape"-- Do you think a topological view of landscape aids her invocation of Native cultural-mythical presence of the land? -- and maybe also serves an ecology of mythic powers.
Rebecca Gould
Ah, I did the same — just to panelists:
Rebecca Gould
Thanks for bringing in Carolyn Finney’s work to the discussion. And it terms of National Park visitation in 2016, iI believe it was about 78 percent white.
Dennis Noson
Kathryn's portrait page looks like a bird field guide page!
Steve Melcher
Kathryn, please research Liberty Hyde Bailey - one of my plant finder heroes -
Stephen Siperstein
Thank you for this wonderful conversation. I ask this question in part from the position as an educator and wanted to make space in my environmental humanities/literature classes for non-gender-binary conforming students. Are there examples within the genre of env. lit. of writers who push back against a cis-gender/gender binary model and/or writers who “queer” nature and perhaps challenge the male/female binary that the dominant nature writing tradition mainly operates in?
Stephen Siperstein
(Sorry: *wanting to make space…)
Rebecca Gould
Stephen, check out Gay and Gaia by Daniel Spencer.
Dennis Noson
Thank you for clarifying my Silko question, and getting to the integrative heart of Ceremony.
Rebecca Gould
Wonderful panel, thank you both!
Luella Landis
Thank you for this excellent presentation.