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Tending Healthy Pastor Congregation Relations - Shared screen with speaker view
Ray Person FMC Bluffton
Room #1:Overall relationship: 4Background:Some transition: Gainesville, BlufftonMixture of lead pastors (some with associates) and pastoral teamWorking well:Transitions have been opportunities to identify lay leadership skillsGood interactions between pastor(s) and lay leadersGood communication among leadersPCRC working well for expressing concernsGood interactions between pastor and congregation: children contacted by a pastor on birthdaysSmall groups are the “heart of the congregation”: group reps meet monthly with leadership for communication running both ways“no one understands” what PCRS does, but it works wellCircle of Care group for pastoral care involves laityNot working well:New governance structure requires a lot of education and communication to avoid misunderstandings/conflictDuring transition, lay leaders took on so much responsibility (as strength) that has also created challenges for new pastorPast focus on outreach may require more internal reflection
James Rissler (he, him), Emmanuel MC
What does it indicate that all three reporters are FMBluffton folks? Seems very responsible of y'all!
Randall Roth- Assembly Menno (Goshen, IN)
Carrie Mast, FMC Bluffton
Phil Yoder FMC Bluffton
I wont share for my group...
Kay/Faith Mennonite, Goshen
I am going off screen but still listening. I need to get to our church retreat!
Scott Coulter (he/him) Assembly Mennonite
What is a "360 Evaluation"?
Mark Moser (Emmanuel-Gainesville FL)
Has there been any research on the effect of sabbaticals on minister retention and well being v. other mechanisms for pastor support?