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Transatlantic Climate Bridge 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Natascha Daiminger
Good morning and welcome everyone! Please feel free to use the chat function for your questions to the panelists!
Bill Peduto
No Just making general remarksaround the importanceofsubnational diplomacy and strategy
Tony (ICTAC)
Hi everyone, please log your questions in the Q&A window. The Chat allows you to communicate with each other.
Natascha Daiminger
My apologies for the confusion: please us the Q&A window for your questions! Thank you!
Meg O'Shea she/her
The recent publication of the Right to Food Framework for Creating a Just Circular Food Economy in Vancouver is available for download here: https://www.vancouvereconomic.com/blog/news/a-guide-to-a-just-circular-economy-of-food-in-vancouver/
Luise (ICTAC)
Meg O'Shea she/her
I'd like to make a correction. I mentioned that the Vancouver Food Strategy is being revised, however it is actually the Vancouver Park's Board Local Food Action Plan that is being updated. My apologies for the miscommunication.
Tony (ICTAC)
Dear Attendees, right after this event, let's move over to our Wonder networking room, where you can meet the panelists, ask more questions, or just mingle and network:https://www.wonder.me/r?id=8038e871-b645-423b-9aec-06a7f1780f54Password: TCB21The room will be open 24/7. Please feel free to make use of it.
Tony (ICTAC)
You can also access the Wonder room by clicking the Wonder room button on the event program page: https://ictac.events.idloom.com/transat-climate-bridge/pages/programme
Dr Martin Frick
pls check foodsystems.community
Dr Martin Frick
and if you want to connect via twitter: @cmfrick