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Health & Housing Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Jessica Beresford
Better health and quality family and friend time
Jennifer Dangremond
I would hope that all systems realize the value of doing intentional work to reduce the impact of racial disparities. We are beyond data collection and need to move to action.
Linda Lopez
I hope we appreciate each other more - it's a privilege to work with caring people IN PERSON!
Shayna Diamond
A deep dive into the impact of individual health-seeking behavior on all aspects of life
gina irons
That people will pay more attention to the connection between where a person lives and health outcomes. You can't shelter safely at home when your home is unsafe.
Shayna Diamond
Full healthcare system revamp
Matt Gomez
Greater focus on addressing disparities in infrastructure/services in predominantly low income/minority communities
Bianca Comer
I hope that better preparation and collaboration with government, nonprofit, and local entities are developed *and strengthened* as a result of COVID-19.
Sheila Sjolander
Increased awareness of connection between infectious disease and chronic disease, i.e. how hypertension, diabetes, smoking, etc., can us at higher risk of several illness from respiratory infection
Shayna Diamond
Arizona Housing Coalition
Jim Murphy
New creative ways to communicate and greater level of volunteerism
Teddy Lopez
A greater focus on the services that are needed for surviving in order to survive this pandemic.
Teddy Lopez
our housing situation is detrimental to both our physical and mental health wellness.
Kayla McGhee
Yes Dede!!!!
Gary Brennan
When we create more affordable housing, we need to include expanded broadband internet services so that all students/families have access to education, information and expanded tele-health services.
Joyce Hospodar
Congratulations, Dede!! Quite the statement of your many years working on these same issues.
Eve Ford
Yes! Reaching into the rural areas is so important to address these inequities.
Shayna Diamond
We have such a great opportunity to re-do the antiquated systems!
Stephen Brown
Hello, Steve Brown here….This is an important conversation. I’m tuned in from Tucson; my background is in public health and human rights. I’m listening with the Menlo Park Neighborhood Association and the Barrio Neighborhood Coalition. We are encountering the same issues here in Tucson, facing the same challenges. I agree that transforming structures is the key. By continually building coalitions, and reaching consensus on priorities to advocate together for with policy makers, and holding them accountable, is essential. My experience, unfortunately, has consistently been that policy makers tend to ignore marginalized populations. It s good that we are organizing for change….power in numbers….
Shayna Diamond
tone def suggestions …
Shayna Diamond
I was talking about this to some med students and they were shocked re: the water sitch on the rez
Mark Roseland
Now that the pandemic has made the connections between housing and health so evident, can we agree on the top 2 or 3 major policy changes to all focus on in the near future?
Shayna Diamond
It was a total shift from "they aren't complient patients" to … "I'm humbled that I didn't realize the context. I have more to learn!"
Shayna Diamond
Paradigm shift is amazing
Joyce Hospodar
My ignorance re: N A Connections, has it been duplicated in other parts of the state?
Deborah Addis
More cross sector collaboration among health care providers and organizations and affordable housing developers so they will develop housing that provides secure and stable housing but also opportunities for food access, health care access, job opportunities, opportunities for outdoor recreation and exercise to create healthier communities and healthier people
Joyce Hospodar
and include businesses and religious organizations. as well
Linda Lopez
Even if Developers jump on board with building more affordable housing - there is a huge obstacle of the NIMBY mindset of currently established home owners and landlords.
Gentrification has made affordable housing has become harder to find for low income families. I think this is an issue for healthy communities as well.
Jennifer Dangremond
Kenneth Steel
The panelists talked earlier about inequitable distribution of funds/resources between urban and rural communities. We know cities like Phoenix are getting sizable chunks of COVID relief dollars to deal with acute needs related to housing/homelessness. How much of this govt funding is getting to rural parts of the state? Addressing these deep structural issues should without a doubt be our focus and I applaud the discussion, but we’re also hearing about a lot of urgent needs right now. Example - Where does a mother in a rural community go when she’s experiencing domestic violence?
Deborah Addis
I am not familiar with the laws in AZ, but in MA where I just moved from there are some laws in place to combat NIMBYism, but also the development of mixed-income housing seems to be more acceptable to those folks and it is also better in terms of trying to limit gentrification
Rebecca Flanagan-Lechuga
Do you know how ACCHS is doing integrating housing and public health, especially now with the pandemic?
Stephen Brown
Yes to all these comments. There are some models for success around but awareness of these is still somewhat silo’ed. Connections are the key. Like we are doing here. Somehow we need to connect all the grass-roots efforts. I do see this happening this week, the trick will be to sustain the connections after the “crisis” recedes from the public eye. I really honor all of you who are working on these issues. Thank you….
Jim Murphy
From Jim M With funding in silos and populations the same way, marginalized, homeless, low income families, veterans, mental illness, former prisoners, substance abuse, how can we get a focus on the housing plights of older adults?
Arizona Housing Coalition
Gary Brennan
Bottom Line....VOTE, and vote for candidates that understand what is needed in Public Policy to sustain our communities and citizens.
Stephen Brown
Arizona Housing Coalition
1. Register to Vote 2. Vote. 3. Get to Know your Elected Officials
April Jones
Recently heard this morning. "We need to HEAR, not just listen." Thanks Joan!
Mark Roseland
Thank you all for this important and fruitful discussion. Finding common ground needs to be a priority so we can make progress.
Kayla McGhee
Thank you all for sharing with us today!
Arizona Housing Coalition
1. Move to Action. 2. Include People in the conversation that our decisions affect. 3. Think of root causes’
Arizona Housing Coalition
1. Use personal stories to change policy
Arizona Housing Coalition
Thank you to participants for sharing via chat. We will save and pore over your comments.
Joyce Hospodar
Fantastic discussion and suggestions made!! Let's get to work!!
Rebecca Flanagan-Lechuga
thank you. Congrats, Dede!
Stephen Brown
Thank you all.
Shayna Diamond
This was great. And so timely. Thank you for offering this opportunity!
Petra Morrison
Thank you!