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A Special Evening - Shared screen with speaker view
Jay Rosenbaum
David Friday evening at 7 PM will be hosting a service of solitarity against racism between Temple Israel and an African America Church and the Long Island Islamic center. I invite you, Heiko and the members of Men of Reform Judaism to join. God Bless. Jay
Jay Rosenbaum
What his the reception in Germany of the way President Trump handling the unrest in the US and around the world in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum
Alexander Lewy
Rabbi Jay, You may want to post this in the Q&A field since he seems to be reading from that list.
Bruce Jaffe
I put Jay Rosenbaums question in the question list
Jay Rosenbaum
Why is anti-Semitism increasing in Germanyand in Europe. Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum,