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Sports Tourism Rebound - Shared screen with speaker view
Joseph McGrath Jr
Good Morning everyone- My name is Joseph McGrath Jr. I work for Aramark at Wells Fargo Center and Philadelphia Phillies.
Joseph McGrath Jr
It would be great to network http://linkedin/in/joemcgrathjr.
Joseph McGrath Jr
Wow lots of miles, but its inspiring to do what best for your children.
Patti Shotwell
This was great information, really opened my eyes to things to think about for our event. Thank you so much gentlemen.
Joseph McGrath Jr
Thank you to Tim and Ashley for setting up and monitoring this event. Thank you Jason, Mike, and Dev for taking your time to share your experiences.
Larry Jinkins
The Sports Innovation Institute published a Youth Sports Study this week. Eye-opening results as more than 10,000 people participated.