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Destination Cape Breton Industry Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Terry Smith
We will begin shortly :)
Tommy Dilosa
how do we turn off our mic so you don't have our back ground noise
Jo-Lanna Murray
Tommy, there is a mute button down in left hand corner but I don't think we can hear anything other than from panelists.
Werner Buchhofer
How about recreational fishing, general and salmon?salmon fishing is a big income for cape bretonHalifax Hotels, Motels are open. How about us here in Cape Breton?
Jessica Klein
Any announcement on when Campgrounds can open?
Tommy Dilosa
Is there any assistance talk about property taxes?
Werner Buchhofer
any assistance for property insurance? my insurance went up 30%
Dan Coffin
Victoria County will be announcing their program for property taxes soon. Deferral and long repayment terms over 24 to 30 months. More to come next week or so when details are flushed out.
Tommy Dilosa
So if a business motel / hotel is open but the province has travel restrictions and isolation policies are in place from the province and also the country has it's borders closed how does a business get around paying an employee that we do not have any work for knowing that we do not expect any guest.
Terri Shobbrook
I just want to say thank you for this~
Dan Coffin
Thanks Terry and team. Very informative and glad you take the honest and open approach. 70% drop in business is not a happy or easy message to share, but good to be honest so we can all work with what we are really facing.
Werner Buchhofer
So what can we expect from the government for financial help for our loss?