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LeTip Leadership National Monthly Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Debbie McHale Interior Designer
Matt how do you account for great guest activity and new members?
Ed MacConnell
Hi Debbie in we use wired
John Tsigakos
I'd like to chime in
Ed MacConnell
and our membership chair is awesome
Allison Duine - VP Boca Raton
Matt are people engaging in the Facebook group?
Matt Peters
some are but it's not just the FB groups or just the IG it's the combined effort and energy IMO & the phone & email follow ups help
Bob Everett
I have a comment about our good attendance
Allison Duine - VP Boca Raton
We have a member offering 1 on 1 zoom and LeTip Wired training to technologically challenged members and that has been working well. Might require a call to the individuals to get them on board.
Ed MacConnell
We at lower bucks offered to train everyone one on one with zoom and only lost one member.
Debbie McHale Interior Designer
Is there a way that we can see shared tips on Wired?
Ed MacConnell
yes you can see the tips on wired
Debbie McHale Interior Designer
other member's tips?
Ed MacConnell
Debbie yes
Ed MacConnell
If your chapter is putting up with lack of attendance from your board members, you are doing the very opposite of accountability!
Debbie McHale Interior Designer
WE never stopped visitation. We never had a blip in our meetings. We planned with Zoom before it was mandatory. We are reinstating waived zooms October 1, at 1/2 our typical dues.
Jim Monaghan
Visitation is a must. I am going to play golf for my visitation. Easy to stay six feet apart. Especially because I am in the woods most of the time!
Stacey.Kavanagh Toms River LeTip
is there an app for phone tree?
Douglas Christian
Paul and I would like to HEAR from you ALL Please put in the chat if you like to share and speak or feel free to write your ideas here in the CHAT so we can all benefit from YOUR insight
John Tsigakos
I understand that Zoom has worked well as an interim solution, but isn't everyone concerned about building and maintaining trust and relationships without in-person interactions? I am very concerned about complacency setting in over time.
John Tsigakos
Especially as you bring in new members who may have difficulty building those close ties.
Jim Monaghan
Agreed John. It is a temporary fix but I do think face to face interaction is still important.
Ed MacConnell
the facebook boost is a good idea
Joy Huntsman
I am a coach, all of my sessions are on zoom and I have clients around the world. You can be just as personal, build trust, and create relationships with zoom. I have a webinar on this!!!
Debbie McHale Interior Designer
Paul repeat what you do for the $250 check
Matt Peters
I agree Ed!
francesca breslau - secretary
I’m someone that runs my business 100% online. My clients live all over the world and I have very close knit relationships with each of them. I really think it takes some time and getting used to if this is new to you, but I assure you that it is possible to develop a very close professional relationship even when not in person
Tim Ellis
I don’t think so John - just my opinion. What complacency are you concerned with? I think the main concern should be the health and safety of your community. You can achieve everything you’re doing in-person through a great zoom call. Putting your community (not just your chapter) at a higher risk during a global pandemic is not the right choice.
Ed MacConnell
Im not live I may be a bot
Joy Huntsman
Our showboat presentations are excellent, as is our speakers, using zoom and screen sharing.
Karin Suttmann
Joy - I would love to attend one of your meetings to learn how you do your showboats.
Joy Huntsman
Our tip master and membership char created a great fantasy "football" game addressing all of these topics, it's fun and we have great participation.
David Stilwell Residential Real Estate
At LeTip Great Valley we've had excellent attendance via Zoom and full compliance with visitation via phone, Zoom or in person. Dropped dues to $100 from $135 keeping skin in the game. Haven't had success with showboating and locking down guest. Thank you for the great ideas today!
Stacey.Kavanagh Toms River LeTip
Great info Paul!
Debbie McHale Interior Designer
When you save the chat. Where do you retrieve it?
Summer - LeTip
Debbie, It should save to your document files.
francesca breslau - secretary
It should be in your documents Debbie. I have a Mac, but for me if I click on the finder it comes up
Douglas Christian
If you would like an ALUMNI list for YOUR chapter ONLY... Please let us know The list is to re invite your Past Members back not for solicitation.... Group to see how others are doing what they do
Kim Levin Coaching
showboating ask your host on zoom to allow screen share to the members. in a mtg host goes to participants and clicks on the show later and assigns make host.
Kim Levin Coaching
then the show payer allows the presenters if they want to be host. the current host can pass hosting rites.
Stacey.Kavanagh Toms River LeTip
is there a place to download letip zoom background?
Debbie McHale Interior Designer
Thank you all! This was awesome. Ed, I will be in touch.
Douglas Christian
Jim Monaghan
Thank you Doug and Paul. Int'l is soo much better with you two at the helm