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April 21, 2021 Chamber Lunch Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Texas Gail Raymond
If you purchase one, make sure that you bring the coffee back to Sleepy Dog and we will replace it with fresh!
Britney Olsen
Thank you to the following Chamber Board of Directors for joining us: Angela LaFlamme, Ruth Armstrong, Brendyn Shiflea, Dawn Hoxie, Linda Landers
Britney Olsen
Thank you Texas for your support of this fundraiser!
Britney Olsen
If you would like to turn off your Closed Captioning - Click on "Live Transcript" and then "disable Auto Transcription"
Britney Olsen
Currently speaking: Bill Popp, President & CEO - AEDC
Britney Olsen
Please be patient with us while we try to get Mr. Popp back on!
Brendyn Shiflea
Bill- are you (or we) able to drill down within your overall Anchorage employment data to the REALLY important stuff focused on everyone's favorite area which is North Anchorage- aka Chugiak/ER?
Britney Olsen
In case we run out of time...Community Announcement: Citywide Cleanup is the month of May. Your chamber will be working with the Anchorage Chamber to support the cleanup efforts of their event in our area. Stay tuned for more information in Friday's Newsletter. Until then, the Anchorage Chamber website has information on bag pickup and popup events throughout the city. Mark your calendars so you can help beautify our area! Many employers will allow their employees work hours to help with this effort!
Britney Olsen
aedcweb.com - Contact information
Britney Olsen
Bob Doyle donated a Mt. Magnificent Macaroons gift card - Winner is Nancy Clark
Nancy Clark
Thank you!