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Chittenden County I-89 2050 Study - Advisory Committee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Sharon Murray
Would just note that incidence response, in terms of physical access to I-89 is a key concern of Bolton in the southern end of the county -- we have gates, used by the fire department, to access the highway to respond to accidents,, but residents and visitors have no direct access to I89 in emergencies or disaster events.
Justin Rabidoux
The ECOS plan is specific about growth in the urban core so to be consistent with that Growth should be included
Evan Langfeldt
I think Growth is very important and may actually be exacerbated by COVID where access to housing and economic development concerns are emphasized and needed even more.
Bridget Morris
Could we also discuss the potential of rural economic development as being included in the goals and objectives as well which could offset the pressure on the core itself, especially at a time like this?
Catherine Dimitruk
To address Kate's valid questions, could we add a preamble that addresses the reality of trying to do long term planning in a time of great uncertainty, and recognize that these goals will need to be continuously evaluated.
Evan Langfeldt
I think this does a good job of providing a balanced approach to pedestrian and cycling connectivity in addition to potential improvements to the interstate for vehicles as part of the overall "network connectivity" which it explicitly states.
Kelly, AARP VT
Charlie & Eleni - is it possible to break out VMT from VHT for our next meeting.
Were Bolton and Milton exchanges included in the TC scan?
Nvermind I zoomed in at can see they were.
This method isn’t working
Maybe type motion here
Matt Boulanger
I prefer meeting frequency to duration- at least when it comes to Zoom!
Kate McCarthy, VNRC
I appreciate people’s time and willingness to talk and listen today. Thank you.
Sharon Murray
On behalf of the Town Bolton, thanks to everyone for taking the time to hear, discuss and address the town's concerns in your recommendations to the CCRPC board. I'll be sure to forward related concerns re the project budget to our Select Board, to continue the discussion and address expectations on our end....
Evan Langfeldt
Thank you all. Good discussion.