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Disability and Palliative Care in the COVID-19 Era - Shared screen with speaker view
Wedzerai Chiyoka
Disability has transitioned from Medical, to social and now a human rights model
Wedzerai Chiyoka
Sincere apologies for the screenshare hitch. Thank you for your patience.
Wedzerai Chiyoka
You are welcome to post questions here
Wedzerai Chiyoka
Yes, we will share the presentation.
Lacey Ahern
I know it is a difficult question - but I ask because of so many challenges, if we can begin with one we begin moving forward slowly. Even in the US caregivers of those with disabilities are struggling during lockdowns. Rapid, short trainings are a great idea! I agree with the data issue - so important! Thank you for a great presentation.
Lacey Ahern
Great, thank you!