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Egni2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Meleri Davies - Partneriaeth Ogwen
Cytuno 100% efo Rebecca. Agree totally with you Rebecca. FYI - this is our newest project - Cadwyn Ogwen - working with local producers to deliver food locally in Carwen the electric vehicle. www.ogwen.wales/Cadwyn-Ogwen Over 1k per wk staying in the local economy and low carbon delivery powered with Ynni Ogwen PVs.
Emily M-SParc
Henry - https://northwaleseab.co.uk/node/1Marcus - https://research.bangor.ac.uk/portal/en/researchprojects/thermalhydraulics-openaccess-research-facility--thor(08f9e94b-dcd7-4987-9e65-6d663ebd0b3d).htmlMel Davies - https://www.partneriaethogwen.cymru/en/Rebecca - https://www.ynysresources.co.uk/Innogy - https://awelymor.cymru/
Emily M-SParc
Guto Owen - http://ynniglan.com/
Stephen Thomas
Very informative Webinar - many thanks to you all.Website share —> Shows the types of energy sources which are currently supplying the UK national grid.https://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk
Geraint Jones
Thanks for organising Pryderi, shows the huge opportunity for partnership working across the north of Wales in many sectors
Tom Burke
Agreed. Very interesting presentations, great to see us at the forefront of many key developments.