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Webinar CCA 3.0: Pathways to Climate Equity - Shared screen with speaker view
James Mulherin
Municipal government form matter: City Mgr vs strong mayor?
Kirsten Liske (she/her)
Are there any CCAs that are embracing/pursuing this?
Brett Garrett
Will this presentation (recording) be available to share? Where?
Aaron Daly - He/Him/His
Two challenges I see are: 1. The service territory of a CCA doesn't match the jurisdiction of a municipality - how do you manage the green bond issuance given that? and 2. Renters move frequently - how do you make sure that investment in the microgrid infrastructure by renters stays with them? thx
James Mulherin
gov question at top of list, please?
Kirsten Liske (she/her)
Apologies I have a 2 PM as I was not sure how long this would go. I would love to catch a recording of the answers to the remaining Q&A questions , Thank you for hosting this!
Chris Read - SLO City
Have to move to go to a 2p meeting. Thanks for Mr. Fenn's presentation. Look forward to working with you all.
Michael Chiacos
I have a 2 pm as well. Thanks let’s talk more.
James Mulherin
any neighborhood coops that share EVs, etc? What size in # housholds are feasible/optimal in a dispersed university town?
Benjamin Eichert
I have to leave now, but thank everyone, esp. Eric and Paul.
James Mulherin
Is there a good 3.0 model out there yet you can name? A real existing operation?