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Virtual Business Forum: Resilience Strategies to Thrive in Uncertain Times - Shared screen with speaker view
Barbara Jean Garza
Good morning! and thank you for joining us! Please note that this session is being recorded. If you have any questions we will have a q&a at the end of the presentation, however if you have any questions you would like for us to ask, please add them in our chat box! Thanks!
Felipe Salinas
I read and highly recommend "Awakening Compassion at Work", the book Jan mentioned!
Felipe Salinas
Barbara Jean Garza
Remember you can ask questions on our chat box, or directly to our speaker during Q&A
Luis Reyes
Great presentation! You talked about employee surveys in your presentation. What other tips would you give businesses to check in with their employees who are working from home?
Barbara Jean Garza
Book: Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman
Felipe Salinas
Jan - Many people I've been in touch with have been reflecting on how this crisis will be a watershed in terms of how we go about our lives and operate as a society, including how we carry out business. Do you believe that this will happen? While we are all learning new things about how to operate (e.g., use of technology), I also sense that we will emerge more cognizant of how much we are connected to one another, or perhaps revisiting our personal purpose or the mission of our organization.
Laura Espinoza
Great presentation, Jan!
Maria Juarez
Thank you, Jan, Barbara!
Marisela Gonzalez
Thank you so much for all the great information!
Luis Reyes
Awesome Presentation Jan!
Sandra Charlton
Thank you very much for this very helpful and timely information
Randy Summers
Great Presentation Jan. Thanks for joining us and thank you Chamber for conducting this webinar. Stay safe and healthy everyone.