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Neighbourhood House Week 2022 Sector Launch - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Dimopoulos
Thanks Fiona
Melanie Virtue Springvale NH
Springvale Neighbourhood House has a social prescribing project with referral postcards - referrals from mental health, public hospital, GPs, pharmacists, council & public housing officers. All we need is funding to keep it going
Petro Tsalikis - Neighbourhood Houses Victoria
Info about chatty cafes: https://www.nhvic.org.au/news/its-time-to-get-chatty
Charmaine Delaney
In 2018 I went to Canberra to present a paper ton the effects of loneliness to Parliament which was sadly not taken seriously, so it is really great to see it is now been pushed by NH Vic - well done.
Kerry LGNC
Our Chatty Café is really popular - we also have speakers come for 10 mins or so from time-to-time (from Stroke Support Group, SES, etc).
sorry need to live for another meeting.
Petro Tsalikis - Neighbourhood Houses Victoria
Report: Social isolation and loneliness - a neighbourhood house perspective - https://www.nhvic.org.au/FAQs/loneliness-social-isolation-and-neighbourhood-houses
Maureen CHAOS and Be the Ripple
We have been piloting a model which involves community sign posters and community connectors acknowledging that many people need support to identify how they might like to connect… in other words if you build it , people don’t necessarily come. Our Talking cafes are held at a local cafe at the same time and day each week, as it gives people the chance to check out the group from a distance before they join.
Steve Dimopoulos
Thanks everybody for everything you do. I have two NHs in my area that I'm proud of and that are critical for many people. Thank you NH Victoria for today.
Vicki Harrison
Thank You and happy Neighbourhood House Week to everyone!
Tracy van Vloten
Great idea Maureen, do you have a volunteer facilitate?
Linda Wakeham
This has been amazing and has definitely helped me with ways that I can build so much positive vibes in the Lancefield Neighbourhood House