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Covering Climate, COVID-19, and the Economy: Is a Green Recovery Possible? - Shared screen with speaker view
MJ, SEJ Staff
Welcome all! Thank you for joining us today. We’ll get started momentarily. Please use the Q&A feature below the video to send in your questions. Please do not use the chat for questions. I’ll be sharing links to stories and resources in the chat throughout the webinar. Thank you!
MJ, SEJ Staff
Thank you for joining us, Basudev!
MJ, SEJ Staff
#SEJ2020 Virtual Conference - Plenary 2. Green Recovery or Recession? The Post-Coronavirus, Climate-Changed Economy: https://conference.sej.org/agenda/#sej2020-plenary2
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Good evening from Dr.V P Singh from Indian Science Communication Society
MJ, SEJ Staff
2020 Is Our Last, Best Chance to Save the Planet BY JUSTIN WORLAND, JULY 9, 2020, TIME: https://time.com/5864692/climate-change-defining-moment/
MJ, SEJ Staff
Blueprint for Responsible Policy Engagement on Climate Change, July 16, 2020, Ceres: https://www.ceres.org/resources/reports/blueprint-responsible-policy-engagement-climate-change
MJ, SEJ Staff
Green New Deal Proposes Sweeping Economic TransformationThis #SEJournalBackgrounder looks at the potentially historic impact of the ambitious climate action agenda known as the Green New Deal — not just on this Congress or the next, or even on the race for the White House in 2020, but for the soul of the Democratic Party. An analysis of a public policy program in the making, the political maneuvering it’s engendering and its prospects to sow division or prompt a united front. https://www.sej.org/publications/backgrounders/green-new-deal-proposes-sweeping-economic-transformation
MJ, SEJ Staff
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Post-COVID-19 City Design May Transform Built EnvironmentIn the aftermath of the pandemic, the so-called built environment is likely to get a thorough reexamination, whether it’s to reconsider commuting, shopping, recreation, eating out or taking in sporting events. This #SEJournalBackgrounder looks at the top ways coronavirus will force us to rethink our cities and how we live in and travel through them. https://www.sej.org/publications/backgrounders/post-covid-19-city-design-may-transform-built-environment
Justine Burt
Creating millions of new green jobs has the potential to pull us out of this economic recession, once we get on top of COVID. Now is the time to plan. https://medium.com/@justineburt/14-3-million-new-deep-green-jobs-86448a2a66e5
MJ, SEJ Staff
Turmoil in World Oil Markets Tips Environmental Scales TooThe dramatic drop in demand for oil, driven by the shutdown of world economies by coronavirus, has meant a corresponding fall in prices. And that has profound environmental implications. But it’s a complicated dynamic to assess. This #SEJournalBackgrounder provides a look under the hood of Big Oil, and explains what it means for environment reporters. Plus, an #SEJournalReporter’sToolbox for tracking the data. https://www.sej.org/publications/backgrounders/turmoil-world-oil-markets-tips-environmental-scales-too
MJ, SEJ Staff
Another Bad-News Year Ahead for U.S. Coal?As U.S. coal’s comedown continues, this #SEJournalBackgrounder takes a close look at the factors behind the industry’s decline and finds a combination of economics, competition and shifting global markets, along with aging technology, politics and environmental pushback. What’s in store for coal in 2020? https://www.sej.org/publications/backgrounders/another-bad-news-year-ahead-us-coal
MJ, SEJ Staff
Coronavirus Pandemic Spawns Many Stories on Environment BeatThe momentous COVID-19 outbreak has many, many reporting angles — environment and energy stories certainly among them. Our latest #SEJournalBackgrounder has an extensive rundown on possible ways in for environment and energy reporters, including everything from respiratory disease and air pollution to science denial and climate change, and more. Plus, pending passage of a massive congressional aid package. And an earlier TipSheet on how journalists can prepare for public health emergencies. https://www.sej.org/publications/backgrounders/coronavirus-pandemic-spawns-many-stories-environment-beat
Meaghan Parker
Justin's EJ story: Why the Larger Climate Movement Is Finally Embracing the Fight Against Environmental Racism https://time.com/5864704/environmental-racism-climate-change/
MJ, SEJ Staff
Why the Larger Climate Movement Is Finally Embracing the Fight Against Environmental Racism, by Justin Worland, TIME: https://time.com/5864704/environmental-racism-climate-change/
MJ, SEJ Staff
Reporting the Financial Risks of Climate ChangeWith the negative impacts of climate change becoming clearer by the day, there is a growing awareness among important financial institutions that global warming confronts businesses with large, even catastrophic, economic losses. This #SEJournalTipSheet has the backstory on the financial risks of climate change, plus what’s ahead and how to cover it, with story ideas and reporting resources. https://www.sej.org/publications/tipsheet/reporting-financial-risks-climate-change
Natalie Alatriste
Local government leaders can lead the charge to lower carbon emissions and air pollution in their cities by implementing policies (like a low carbon fuel standard) and creating a circular economy. Take the City of Oakland as an example: https://www.neste.com/releases-and-news/circular-economy/neste-and-city-oakland-partner-fuel-city-fleet-city-waste-0
MJ, SEJ Staff
Coronavirus Threatens Health of U.S. Journalism, Plus Climate ‘Blackout’ & Disabling FOIAThe economic fallout from COVID-19 is severely damaging the news business, but may also point to transformative new ways of doing journalism, writes columnist Joseph A. Davis in this #SEJournalWatchDog. Meanwhile, the coronavirus-climate connection shows the importance of good, scientifically sound journalism. And are federal agencies leaning on COVID-19 to slow FOIA actions? https://www.sej.org/publications/watchdog/coronavirus-threatens-health-us-journalism-plus-climate-blackout-disabling
Meaghan Parker
Felicity Barringer 01:39 PMNot a question, a link for Chat. Re: Jonathan’s remark on pollution in Inland Empire and trucking bill. Buzzfeed did a terrific 2014 story on pollution and corruption in local politics on the truck route: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/jessicagarrison/how-our-shopping-harms-the-lungs-of-california-children
MJ, SEJ Staff
Thank you for joining us today! The recording of this webinar and the chat log will be available on our website later today or tomorrow: https://www.sej.org/calendar/sej-webinar-covering-climate-covid-19-and-economy-green-recovery-possible
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Thank youto all of our panelists!
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