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Arizona Preservation Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Joanna Brace
The webinar starts at 10. I think when I set up the meeting on Zoom and I set it for 9:30 so no one else would be using it, zoom sent an update to registrants’ calendars. I did not know it would do that. So many things to learn these days!
Joanna Brace
Yes, this is the Arizona Preservation webinar series.
Jim McPherson
Full bios of our guests and speakers are here: https://www.azpreservation.org/the-dunbar-pavilion-08-27-20
Jim McPherson
Here’s the Dunbar Pavilion’s website https://thedunbartucson.org/ and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheDunbarPavilion/
Jim McPherson
Yay Brent! Welcome!
Jim McPherson
By the way, Chris Morris is our colleague with the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Los Angeles. She’s a great resource for us in Arizona.
Jim McPherson
Looks like we can see Brent now!
Kathryn Leonard
Hi All, Please type any questions you have for our panelists into this chat feature.
Jim McPherson
Here’s the website of the National Trust Community Investment Corporation that Brent just mentioned: https://ntcic.com/about-ntcic/
Margaret Hangan
There are Black people who have recently arrived to Tucson and do not have a history in the Tucson Black community. How are you reaching out and engaging those newly arrived Black people into the efforts of the Dunbar Pavilion?
Barbara Lau
I really appreciate your impetus to engage the traditional preservation community in our work at Black spaces but how do we do that without addressing the racism in that community and in preservation organizations
Robin Krawitz
Thank you Brent, for asking the right questions!!!
Kathryn Leonard
Thank you National Trust for all you have done to fight the fight to preserve the Mountain View Officer’s Club. Adaptive reuse is indeed the path to sustain its future!
Jim McPherson
Here’s the webpage of the Mountain View Black Officers Club at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista: https://savingplaces.org/places/mountain-view-officers-club-at-fort-huachuca We welcome your support of this project.
Kathryn Leonard
I had no idea THAT’s where the Estaban came from!!!!
Jim McPherson
Speaking of small scale development, the Dunbar Pavilion and Arizona Preservation Foundation are supporters of two free workshops coming up in Tucson offered by the Incremental Development Alliance: Scroll down to the Tucson events for September 2-3 and October 6: https://www.incrementaldevelopment.org/events
Blair Schweiger
Could we work to engage students/scouts in helping make digital maps of significant resources for our various communities of color?
Kathryn Leonard
@Blair- I think this is a project that is ripe for youth engagement
Jim McPherson
Blair, that’s a great question. Our local preservation partner is also very much involved with Pima Community College. Maybe there’s a project/partnership there. Digital maps are so easy to create now!
Jim McPherson
The City of Tucson HP Office has an online mapping system (and I’m sure other cities represented on this call have similar systems). https://maps2.tucsonaz.gov/html5viewer/?viewer=historicproperties
bruce nelson
HiI am a local artist from Mesa with several African American exhibits available for instillation. Let’s connect and find a way to bring the exhibits to Tucson. Bruce Nelson nebproductions1@gmail.com
Kathryn Leonard
Corey Woods, Mayor elect of Tempe! First African American mayor of Tempe
Jenny Fulton
That's how to change policy
Jim McPherson
One more thing about maps (because I like maps!). The University of Arizona could should be brought into the discussion: https://capla.arizona.edu/academics/graduate-certificate-heritage-conservation
Kathryn Leonard
Hey SHPOs and federal HP folk- I am wondering if we can work on policy that will encourage federal agencies that provide funding for social programs to give primacy to nesting these programs in 502c3s that operate out of historic buildings. Section 110
Joanna Brace
Thank you all. Wonderful conversation!
Pam O'Connor
Thanks to all — I learned a lot and will take it out and share!
Tazmine Khatri
Excellent discussion! Thank you so much to the panelists and the organizers!
Jim McPherson
On behalf of preservation partners in Arizona and Pima County – the Arizona Preservation Foundation, State Historic Preservation Office, Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation, City of Tucson Historic Preservation Office, Pima County Cultural Resources & Historic Preservation Division, Vail Preservation Society, and Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission – thank you for joining us today! In this Zoom-GoToMeeting-Teams-Webex-Google Meet world, it’s good that we can still connect with one another. Let’s keep in touch.
Tazmine Khatri
More of this type of content please!
Blair Schweiger
@Kathryn - I am happy to help with that
Eugenie Sills
Thank you, all!
Blair Schweiger
Thank you everyone!
Jenny Fulton
Thank you, this is an education for me, it's great!