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Oklahoma Phase 3 Training - Shared screen with speaker view
Chad V (Chandler)
side question... Is there a way to send attachments in the emails?
I have done the safe sport but its not showing
Dave Buchanan
Currently, there is not a way to include an attachment to emails that are sent out.
Alisha Martin
On that same note of the attachments- is that in the works for future use?
Jason Updegraff
will cdc training he brought over to the 2.0
Dave Buchanan
Yes Alisha, that is on the To-Do list and if you’d like to check in with Oklahoma or email state@gotsport.com in a few days we can give you an update as to where that is. That goes for anyone on here as well.
Jeff Grant
My background check option seems to have been removed for my club. ODA
megan pittman
we’ve had coaches complete the safe sport and have certificates but it’s still saying “requires” and not “fulfilled”
Melissa Griffin
is there a way for the administrator to be able to see when managers and coaches complete their background checks? right now when I view their dashboards, I can see the safesport and concussion course requirements but I cant see that they are required to do a background check. However when managers are viewing their account, they see that they need to complete the background check.
Dave Buchanan
Right now, there are no filters to see whether your coaches and managers have completed their background check, SafeSport, and CDC but they will be coming along with a quick view to see who has completed what. What you can see is whether the coaches or managers have completed all their requirements or not. If they haven’t they will have a red Incomplete. You may filter by incomplete and then email all coaches who have not completed their requirements. You would be able to tell them that they are receiving the email because at least one of the three Background Check, SafeSport, and CDC requirements have not been completed. At that point you would instruct them to log into their account, go to their dashboard, and then complete any requirement that says “Incomplete”.
Chad V (Chandler)
whats the difference from adding players to team directly from the teams list (from dashboard, teams) and doing it from the roster builder. They don't look the same to me.
Dave Buchanan
Thats how easy it could be to let the coaches or managers know that they have to complete and submit a requirement.
Melissa Griffin
what Ashley is describing is what I have also had to do. you have to remove them twice. It is a challenge too because you cant see within the players profile roles what teams they are assigned to. You can only see the "Role" for the team you are looking in. There is no way to double check. We probably had 20 or 25 mistakes when we were building our rosters.
Matthew Mercer
Change name to Roster History or something so it isn't so confusing.
Melissa Griffin
is there a way to disable the manager ability to add a player pass?
Matthew Mercer
player numbers don't stay with the player when you move them around?
Jeff Grant
Managers can add their own player pass?
Melissa Griffin
do we need to import the team ID, coach ID, and player ID from legacy or will the system create new player ID's
Rebecca Fairchilds
I am new to this. I am trying to create a team, but I can only have one age group? I just created a u10 team, but it is only allowing the specific age range of 01/01/2011-12/31/2011. we want to include u9 age group on the same team.
Dave Buchanan
do we need to import the team ID, coach ID, and player ID from legacy or will the system create new player ID's - System will create new ID numbers
Melissa Griffin
I attempted to create a manager account with an email provided to us. I couldn't because the email was already being used by an "account". I believe in this instance it is because the manager has 2 kids and one plays for another club....my work around was to use another email, but should I have done something different?
Melissa Griffin
im sorry for some reason I have no sound!
Melissa Griffin
i mean mic
Alisha Martin
I had that same issue, Melissa.
Melissa Griffin
Alisha, can you ask to the group? I am without mic so I can't ask...not sure if they are seeing this in the chat
Matthew Mercer
when you go to add a manager, it should find the parents account by their name, birthdate and email. they should pop up and then you send a request role email.
Matthew Mercer
That's what SHOULD happen. lol
Melissa Griffin
but the profile is tied to another club...so I can't see it
Matthew Mercer
That is what 2.0 is supposed to fix. They can be managers, parents, coaches or even admins with multiple clubs. Guess that isn't working.
Matthew Mercer
I will hit him up in a second
Chad V (Chandler)
dashboard, settings, competitive levels... can remove the ones you don't want
I would like the link