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Financing Bristol’s energy transition: Lunch and Learn - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Hall
Yes, and the video :-)
Steve Hall
charlie baker
I’m interested in how you got to 1-1.5%. That seems very low from the crowdfunding investment projects I’ve watched. Have you managed to come up with an idea about how much you might raise this way?
Caroline Bird
Bristol Energy Network working with BCC to explore how best to ensure effective and inclusive engagement in financing community buildings through the ‘SONNET’ project starting soon!
Martin Fodor
it’s very we,come to channel local it’s into tackling the climate emergency. I’d like to see this grow to the point when it’s a common way to climate proof the city and tackle energy poverty. But isn’t there a risk that initially this might compete not complement the work already done by groups like the Bristol Energy Cooperative? How do we avoid that?
Jess Britton
Really interesting presentations – thanks. Are you aware on any research looking at how the social value attached to investment varies between different value citizen investors (inc different attitudes to risk/priorities etc). Also does investment being place-based matter – are people more likely to invest/donate a proportion of investment if it’s for specific local projects rather than a generic ‘green’ investment portfolio?
Jess Britton
Are you able to provide a link to the Leading Edge report Sophia mentioned please?
Julian Lewis
On returns, worth bearing in mind CMIs are the lowest possible risk instrument after UK government bonds, which yield around 0.5% in the same maturities - so CMIs look financially attractive on that basis
Julian Lewis
PS that financial value is in addition to their social/environmental value, of course