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SHEDTalk with Dr. Tony Soteriou - Gallery view
Alasdair Cameron
Hi from sunny Glasgow!
Shona Campbell
Brighton's not even that sunny!
Liz Flint
Inclusivity is great, but given the pressure on public funds in the wake of the C-19 crisis, what do you think are the priority areas that you'll be looking to accelerate to market?
Mark Rushforth
That IAA harmonsiation would be very well received at Lancaster - we have IAAs from EPSRC, STFC, ESRC and MRC all with seperate reporting guidelines and funding periods.
Liz Flint
A related question to my one about priority areas - is anyone in BEIS looking again at the Industrial Strategy and/or anyone at UKRI looking at any changes to the ISCF priorities? Whether in terms of balance of fundamental research / CR&D / commercialisation, or in terms of what the priorities are?
Carole Barron
I agree regarding SIAs, it was hardwork. LEPs are developing Local Industrial Strategies however, these are focused on the IS thematic areas.
Alasdair Cameron
The recent Richard Jones NESTA report on the missing £4Bn highlighted the disconnect between business investment in R&D and public investment in terms of location.