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Straight Talk - Dr. Shagufta Feroz - Shared screen with speaker view
Rowan Morgan
Hello Eram!
Chun Ching Lan
Hello Eram
Rowan Morgan
A nurse at my doctor's office told me the "flu" I had back in February might actually have been covid-19. It really wasn't that bad even though the high fever scared me. Wish I could know for sure, but I don't trust the tests currently available.
Rowan Morgan
I know that I did thank the universe for that illness, because it felt like it was there for a reason to help me release some things.
Rowan Morgan
Yes, it makes me feel good to help others, but I find it very draining and I can easily burn out doing it. I need to take care of myself more but it's difficult when others put pressure on me to keep helping them when I'm not in a good place to do so. I'm in the process of trying to establish boundaries on a friend that's been a significant drain on me.
Rowan Morgan
I understand. I never have anyone to hug me when I'm ill, even when there wasn't a pandemic or any quarantine, and that does make everything feel a lot worse, not being able to get any affection or comfort.
Galaxy J7
I definitely resonate with spirituality and I found that practicing daily Zikar is very beneficial to control fear among other things.
Rowan Morgan
Is it really that important to eat that early? I find that I really can't handle eating early in the morning. It makes me feel ill and my stomach doesn't feel ready for food until about 10:30am and even then I can't handle anything heavy like protein. I need to eat a very light breakfast. I might be able to take a bit of cheese, but that's all.
FROM FB: Charanjit Gill How do you deal with people, who make you feel guilty that you don't come, you don't take me for shopping..................
FROM FB: Ayesha Mian Can u suggest anything that can help sleeplessness at night, tried different medicines.
Rowan Morgan
Sometimes I wish we could just do photosynthesis and do away with food altogether. Just like with holistic medicine, eating healthy can be very expensive, and in many places there are still food shortages in stores which may force unhealthy choices even if you can afford the healthier food. I am in the habit of blessing all the food I eat with love and gratitude so I can raise the vibration of all the food I eat, and drinks as well.
Dr. Shagufta Feroz Living as Nature Intended
FROM FB: Charanjit Gill Wow thank you Dr. Feroz for the tip for allergy.
Rowan Morgan
Are there any good mindful exercises to help with opiod withdrawal? Next week I am going to attempt to try to wean down to a lower dose of tramadol, but I am still concerned about withdrawal symptoms even though I'm trying to do this gradually.
Rowan Morgan
To be clear I am weaning down to a lower dose under the advisement of my doctor, but he doesn't have much advice on dealing with withdrawal.
Galaxy J7
Thank you for a very informative and powerful discussion!
Rowan Morgan
Thanks so much for the great call!
Gratitude Mam
Thank you so much wonderful