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Launch Summit for Aftershocks and Opportunities - Scenarios for a Post Pandemic Future - Shared screen with speaker view
Robert Cooms
Regarding the generational divide. It is true that seniors are getting sick more with Covid 19, but the bailouts to corporations, and small business, and unemployment, are not so much going to seniors. Yes, forthcoming generations will maybe pay this back.
Thomas Nilan
unfortunately this sympathy won't last very long … when people will get back to their day to day life with significant Financial issues.
Eric Meade
great presentations
Sheila Moorcroft
again as someone said earlier, make it relevat
Sheila Moorcroft
Sheila Moorcroft
eg for the hairdresser.... organic products, less plastic. link to the issues that are out there
Sheila Moorcroft
Make it a desirable object, with direct benefits to them, enlightened self interest. There was an interesting webinar on Greenbiz about Fringe consumers and the expectation and opportunity for companies to take the lead. Perhaps that is where some of it will come from, that companies can help us take the leap.
Sheila Moorcroft
also mass of research about green / plants and mental health, even a house plant or window box