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Leading Strategically into the Virtual Unknown - Shared screen with speaker view
Chris Goris
Hello Everyone, welcome to the webinar. Please put any comments here, Joe Fischer and I will be monitoring this throughout the webinar. If you have any questions for our panellists please put them in the Q&A box.
Steve Mann
test of culture in these times
Chris Goris
Remember post questions in the Q&A box (you can ask anonymously if you prefer). You can also see what questions have been asked and vote for which ones you want our panel to answer.
Joe Fischer
Great example Carolyn. Many thanks.
Richard Clarke
Which aspects of business do you think will never go back to the way they were before COVID?
Joe Fischer
Thanks Kerrie. Great insight into how COVID-19 will impact the workplace as we've known it over the last few years.
Joe Fischer
There was a move to regionalisation by governments and some industries several years ago. Interesting point Kerrie as to whether COVID-19 might bring that idea back.
Joe Fischer
Great point Dee. Many thanks.
Lyn Baker
i think flexible work practices such as working from home and using virtual for meetings will last well after covid
Joe Fischer
Thanks Lyn. We've now all had a taste for what's possible.
Dee Gunasekara
The Physical environment as we knew it will change. We've just done the biggest proof of concept of WFH/Remote Working/Flex. Employees will want this flex to continue and companies will need to embrace this- which means leaders need to trust their employees more and hopefully we will see the disappearance of the micromanager and more autonomy for employees
Dee Gunasekara
Agree with Steve. Offices will still exist but I suspect it will be smaller (to accommodate less people) and may end up being more drop in hubs rather than somewhere you go from 9-5, 7 days a week
Peter Watson
the shared office industry will take on a different view possible for companies rather than individuals
Peter Watson
formal AGM’s
Jennifer Gosden
Thank you for the session!