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Town Hall: Compassionate Encampment Management - Shared screen with gallery view
Maria Alderete
Can you give some background on how the residential buffer was included in the current proposal, given the strong concerns from staff in their July report about including this?
Aly Bonde
Below is a link to the legislative documents associated with the proposed encampment management policy for city council on Oct. 20. It will be updated tomorrow with any additional materials https://oakland.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=4585366&GUID=CCE3EE51-3DC3-4A52-8505-36B3C2F5B820&Options=&Search=
Maria Alderete
Excited to hear about trash management.
Shari Godinez
Any rules about distance from highway? I have seen encampment on Hwy 580.
Maria Alderete
That image shows the impact of the residential buffer, makes most of Oakland off limits.
Aly Bonde
Thanks Maria! Can you add where you go that image please? Is it from the City?
Maria Alderete
Aly Bonde
Perfect, thank you
Maria Alderete
It's a great map, shows all the hygiene stations and notes on how they are regularly serviced. And you can click on the layers to see the impact of each of the buffer restrictions.
Shifra de Benedictis-Kessner
What implementation components (staff/funding) will be part of the management of high sensitivity areas? There was a supplemental report by the City on how other cities tried self-management and non-profit management of large encampments. Is that planned for Oakland’s high sensitiviy areas? Or will they completely off-limits?
Shifra de Benedictis-Kessner
And thanks for sharing implementation components in general! Great to know that outreach and public works teams will be dramatically increased.
Gregory L Chan
What kind of partnerships have you established with other government agencies, non-profits, local church parishes etc. to address the location needs for the homeless?
Maria Alderete
This residential zone restriction was not recommended by City Staff in the July Staff Agenda report. Questions directed to Loren Taylor and the Mayor on why it is now included have gone unanswered. I’m sure there is loud vocal community support from the housed community. However, City Staff had a number of concerns about including this restriction. Staff sited issues with enforcement as they “will be challenging without significant areas identified where people can camp, such as in a managed camping program.” (1) There is no managed camp program in the current proposal. Additionally, it’s problematic equity standpoint, “as it would disproportionately impact some Council Districts over others and concentrate encampments in areas of the City that are, on average, poorer, non-White, and have poorer air quality.”
Maria Alderete
50 foot buffer is no different from 200 foot buffer.
Sarah LaRock
Are reps from Public Work's encampment team allowed to serve on the Homelessness Advisory Board? If not, what is the protocol for getting their input in shaping policy?
Savlan Hauser
have to head into another meeting. thank you Chamber for such a timely and important forum!
Maria Alderete
This is good policy, but the residential buffer is a big concern that needs to be addressed.
Allene Warren
How successful have we been registering the unhoused to be able to vote in the upcoming election?
Excellent presentation. Thank you, Daryel!
Dr. Jennifer Tran (she/her/hers)
Thank you Aly, Barb, and Metro Chamber family!
Dr. Jennifer Tran (she/her/hers)
thank you, Daryel!
Dr. Jennifer Tran (she/her/hers)
Many challenges, for sure, but we are definitely committed to compassionate encampment management.
Lea Murray
Thank you! Very informative.
Aly Bonde
Thanks everyone for coming and to the BIDs and Chambers for their partnership!
Maria Alderete
Nice work!