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NYStretch Energy Code - 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Josh Stack
Hello all, here is NYSERDA’s NYStretch webpage with additional resources: https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/Energy-Code-Training/NYStretch-Energy-Code-2020
Josh Stack
Hey all, please share any questions, and we’ll answer either in chat, at the end of the presentation or in a FAQ distributed after the webinar. Thank you.
Al Benedict
what is class I isulation?
Steve Lynch
Have the estimated incremental costs for single family home construction ($2000) for compliance under Stretch Code true and tested for the region(s) or are they only estimates based on a range of assumptions?
Steve Lynch
How does the stretch code address renovation? In CNY region renovation and rehabilitation greatly exceeds new home construction.
Kevin Stack
Class I insulation is a grading system created by RESNET it grades the quality of the installation. Grade I is required by NYStretch & Energy Star. There are only 3 grades. Basically Grade I is what the manufactures specifications require for their products to perform the the R-value they state.
Kevin Stack
In the 2020 NYStretch Renovation in the same manner the ECCCNYS 2020 is applicable. (See FAQ at NYSERDA’s NYStretch site). We can share these with everyone after the presentation.
Kevin Stack
Aggregated savings are over 4 different foundation types for both Single Family and Multifamily and for over 3 different fuel configurations: electric heat pump; gas heat with electric A/C and Oil heat with electric A/C
Steve et al - Renovations are covered just as they are under the base NYS Energy Code. Wherever a renovation engages requirements for systems that are being added are changed, the NYStretch and Energy code requirements must be met. Happy to discuss this independently as needed Mike
Steve Lynch
Is the $2K federal credit available via demonstrated compliance with Stretch Code a one-time credit?
Kevin Stack
2005 Federal Tax credit recognizes RESENT and ERI performance software such as REMrate
Haylee Ferington
would we please be able to have the link to that research following the webinar?
Haylee Ferington
thank you!
Kevin Stack
one time credit for each house that a builder qualifies for…I have a friend that built 40 houses and and his tax credit was $80,000.00 As with all tax credits your accountant must approve and guide the process. Energy Raters can qualify homes through the approved software packages.
paul michaloski
comment on passive solar and Radon remediation?
Randy Capriotti
On the average 2500sqft house, whats the percent increase on cost to the builder?
Josh Stack
Link to the Healthy Buildings research: https://forhealth.org/
Josh Stack
Summary report here: https://9foundations.forhealth.org/
paul michaloski
Discuss modular home upgraded standards Energy Star or Stretch ?
Kevin Stack
It really depends on the base line construction standards of each builder. The only costs I experience as a builder is the HRV/ERV. My costs to install is from $1500.00-$2200.00 depending on the size of the system.
Josh Stack
Research and recommendations for homes, specifically: https://homes.forhealth.org/
Marilyn Dare
It’s estimated that the cost to a home builder is about 1% additional cost to meet NYStretch.
Marilyn Dare
FYI, the city of Beacon last night became the first community outside of NYC to adopt NYStretch.
Steve Lynch
Getting the Code Enforcement Offices on board will be key. Many provide services to multiple municipalities and will play a critical role in convincing local town, village and city elected officials to adopt the code. Thanks for an excellent presentation too.
Chris Carrick
Can the presenters comment on the health benefits of removing fossil fuel and wood combustion within the house? carbon monoxide, PM, etc.
Randy Capriotti
I have another mtng to attend, thank you very much, the information was great. Randy Capriotti
Josh Stack
Thanks all, please feel free to follow up with any of us. NYSERDA has made us available to offer any free support to communities interested in adopting NYStretch.
Kevin Stack
Thank you everyone really appreciate you taking the time to attend especially in these trying times. Kevin