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Katie @ Mush
Katie @ Mush
Sorry that’s not right. www.sleeptimebaby.com
morning :) I’m getting my question in early 😂 my little boy is 15 months today and has started waking up through the night once or twice and screaming the place down.. we sleep trained him about 2 months ago because he was waking every 2-3 hours. I’m just wondering if I feed him when he wakes am I then going to have to sleep train him again when this phase is over? if I try settle him as we have been doing he just screams and screams for ages 🙈
Katie @ Mush
Katie @ Mush
(Third time lucky!)
Karolina Sheppard
is this to answer questions or to promote consultation? I’ve joined late and confused 🙈
can I have link for that please
Hi, my neighbours smoke and I'm very anxious about moving my son into his own room (his bedroom is on the back of our house and they smoke in the back garden) any advice to help keep his room cool without me opening his window in hot weather as i'm very concerned about cot death and smoke coming into his room, can I have a fan on all night or will that make the room too cold? Any other tips would be gratefully received, many thanks x
Katie @ Mush
Hi Carolina she will start shortly!
Katie @ Mush
But always a little promotion first :-)
Carlene Fitzpatrick
I haven't sleep trained but during this lockdown my 6 month old has turned into a nightmare. It's very difficult to get him to sleep during the day and the night is awful. He will sleep in his bed for 2/3 hours after that he's up nearly every half hour
Getting my question in early too :) my son is 21 months, he self soothes to bed around 1830/1900 and since around 8 months old he has been determined to get up at 4am, no matter how he has slept through the night, we've tried later bedtimes but it doesn't make a difference, it's literally like his has a built in alarm clock, his also now started to kick his cot so maybe move to big boy bed? He has a nap from 11-1300, we just can't keep him up passed that
hello:) how can we make baby sleep longer in the morning? my daughter is 6.5 months, she goes to bed at 7 ish in the evening, wakes up 1-2 times at night for feed, but wakes up 5am every morning... for me this means 4-5 hours interrupted sleep each night 😫
Hi, looking for some advice - I think my 4.5 sleeps “too much” she sleeps 15 hours a night 7pm - 10am with 1 dream feed and 1 feed at 6am when she wakes up and then goes back to sleep until 10am. bedtime is always the same time and she’s a really good napper. is this normal?
month old*
Esi's iPad
good morning, my daughter is 7 months old and recently stopped sleeping. she has eczema so takes piriton. how can I support her to start sleeping again as she now wakes around 3 times a night
Kai Hoffman
hi how would you suggest dealing with toddler twins waking up in the middle of the night
Karolina Sheppard
ok fab. is this suitable for tips on older children (4-5yo). my 1,5 wakes up but I’m not concerned, she’s only little...
Deile Purvis
morning, I’m new to this 🙌🏼 my little boy is one in a week and recently has started sleeping through, however he wakes super early (like 5am) and won’t go back to sleep. His bedtime routine starts is from around 6pm. he self settles but if does wake up we feed him then he some times goes to sleep
I have a almost 2 year old whos sleep is regressing some days refusing to sleep and when they do its not until 2/3 pm and still sleeps 2to3 hours we dont have a lot of amenities as we are in a flat and routine has done a 180 since lockdown any advice to help get things regular or better
hi, I’m really torn about giving my ya dummy to help get settled and sometimes sleep. should I avoid/limit giving her a dummy?
Dan Wu
Good morning, my son is 8 month old but can only sleep with breastfeed or being rocked. He wakes up at night 2-3 times. How can I help my 8 month to sleep on his own?
Vanessa K
My 2 year old never sleeps when he's put down for bedtime at 7pm and always ends up going to sleep around 9pm or 11pm. I use a projector which plays sleepy time music but doesn't always work. What other white noise could help?
my 11 week old baby won't take a dummy and doesn't seem to acknowledge the white noise machine, will she never be interested or should I keep persisting? at the minute its boob or rocking that settles her to sleep.
Sam, Nick & Cecilia Armstrong
How important is it for the room to be completely blacked out?
Dani Hayward-Badenes
if you child turns over to sleep on their tummy every night- should this be a concern? should you try to turn them back over?
Musha Enkhbayar
Hi my baby who’s 7 months breastfeeds to sleep. I can’t bare myself to let her cry in order to teach her to self settle. If I just carry on as it is will her sleep get better as she gets older?
susan Kent-Brearley
my 15 months little boy goes to bed at 7-7.30 however always has wakes at 10pm with out fail.. once I feed him he will not go back to his cot.. screaming the place down.. and standing up in his cot.. after not being able to settle him he ends up in our bed.. he wakes every 2-3 hours and is always on the boob...making me not get sleep. I don't want to co sleep this but want him to be happy in his own cot.. x
Deile Purvis
can you please advise a rough day/feeding/nap time routine for a 12 month old please. He has two naps at the miniute but a friends baby similar age has 1 nap x
Kasia Szelest
How many naps (hours) during the day a 5/6 months old baby should have?
Hannah & Ivy
hi. my 8 week old sleeps well at night but is not great at napping in the day. she will fall asleep post feed but once put in Moses basket will always wake after 5mins even though clearly really tired. any tips for daytime napping?
Michelle Peters
my nearly 11 month old is irregular with sleeping at night. there are times he will self settle or all we have to go and put a dummy in and leave the room. however then their are times he will only settle with a cuddle. how do we give him the cuddle at night so it doesn’t set a new president?
Justines iPhone
when should baby have dinner / last breast / bottle before going to bed?
What would be your best bedtime routine be for self soothing for a toddler - mine still has bottle before bed so it's bath, massage, book, bottle, bed, I'd like to swap bottle then book but don't know how
Nicola Rutter
my almost 6 month old is waking in the night for feeding then rolling over and chatting lots fully awake for about an hour and a half most nights at least once do you know why this may be?
Emily Atkinson
how do you find the document you mentioned on the website about the sleep routines for different ages. I cant find it. thank you
Deile Purvis
ahhhh yes I would like to know the sleep routines for different ages also please
Elizabeth Brown
hello. can we ask questions?
Katie @ Mush
Write your question here and we will address them in turn at the end!
Rachel and Mia
The routines are on the email you get when you sign up... I've just had it emailed over :-) x
Emily Atkinson
thank you
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown
my 10 months o moves quite a lot during night and she does a little bit of a cry and goes back to sleep, could be she is dreaming? sometimes she tries to crawl or sit up.
Megan Preston
so my daughter has had a bedtime routine since 3 months old! being bath, feed and bed, she sleeps 3 hours in the day over 3 naps the last one ending at like 4:30 then she goes to bed for 7:30pm,
Nicola Rutter
what if their bedtime is already 6pm? is half 5 too early to put them to bed?
Megan Preston
sometimes she wakes 4/5 times in the night and sometimes at 11pm wakes and won’t go back down til 1/2/3/4am how do I sort this? and how do I stop the rocking to go back to sleep
Rosalind P
my 8 month old only falls asleep breastfeeding. Any advice of how else he can get to sleep?
Dani Hayward-Badenes
Rosalind- we’re the same!
thank you Katie! any advise on moving baby from co-sleeping with us to her own room and cot?
Tasleem Shabir
Thanks for the session, it’s come at the perfect time for me.
Karolina Sheppard
anything on 4 year old just not wanting to fall asleep? 🙈🙈
Tasleem Shabir
I’m struggling with early rising with my 6 month old. she wakes 4am/5am for at least a couple of hours before she settles again.
Tasleem Shabir
She breastfeeds and co-sleeps, I’m so tired in the morning. want to know how I can avoid the bf to sleep association and potentially stop co sleeping..
Laura Southward
is there a theory behind my little one screaming if his dad sees him at night? he settles with him during the day but it has to be me at night???
Tasleem Shabir
also my daughter only catnaps throughout the day. she has 3-4 naps of approx half an hour each..
Ana Vasconcelos
I’ve signed up for the updates last time and still haven’t received the schedules, not sure if I’m missing something? Thank you
Karolina Sheppard
thank goodness xx💞
he’s on 2 naps at the minute
but he only sleeps half hour in morning and half hour in afternoon
Emma Brett
I have followed all the tips and she self settles perfectly now. but she wakes at 4 or 5am most mornings. may need a bottle feed or not. we do a dream feed at 10pm bedtime is 7pm. she goes back down then until 7am. mystery now what else to do about it. she has white noise, total black room, self settles alone in cot, 2.5 to 3hrs naps in day at 8 months old.
my 9 month old has always slept very well but falling asleep on a bottle or in a buggy. For the last 3 weeks she started waking up hald an hour after going to sleep and then srays awake for 2-3 hrs. Then falls asleep when fed again once or twice. Is this a regression or do we need to start thinking of sleepfor tge last 3 weeks
some sleep training (sorry)
Thanks so much xxx
If baby has a really short nap, should I try to put her down a short while later or wait 2 1/2 - 3 hours (her current awake time)?
Deile Purvis
thanks so much x
thank you so much :)
Karolina Sheppard
rational haha 😂😂
how old does the baby need to be to introduce a bed-time routine?
Karolina Sheppard
love that - drawing a routine! we’ve had the same routine for 4 years. but now it’s just a huge NOOOOO and we’re so stuck. aggression kicks in (on his part, it’s scary) xxx
Karolina Sheppard
thank you, some great tips!
Karolina Sheppard
that’s what we do. in a chair near bed but have a little one too so in and out often but it’s enough for him now. just the GOING TO BED is insane at the moment 🙈🙈
Karolina Sheppard
love it thank you xx
Kerry Jobling
Just downloaded your guide Kate its great thank you!
thank you Katie! any advise on moving baby from co-sleeping with us to her own room and cot?
thank you very much!! xx
Megan Preston
what’s the link for the guide sorry? what’s it called again x
Rosalind P
thank you!
Karolina Sheppard
thank you xx
Katie @ Mush
Megan Preston
thank you x