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Potty training - Shared screen with speaker view
Larissa Nichele
my daughter panics my daughter is 3yo and very vocal. when we ask her to take her nappy/ panties off to sit on the potty. last time we tried she held off 6h before she really needed to go but when we asked her to sit on the potty she cries and screams she wants the nappy. the 2 times we tried potty training it ended with tears both from her and me. she wants to go to the toilet with us and even says we will get stickers afTer peeing but refuses to try herself. is she simply not ready?
my son has a rather bad speech delay and does not talk so can not communicate. I'm concerned it will make potty training morw differcult.
Fran's iPad
My daughter is nearly 20months and often tells us that she has done a wee or poo in her nappy so what is the best way to respond to that? We have tried sitting her on the potty and also on the toilet with a training seat but she cried when we did this!?
we've just started potty training my 25 month old and he wees in the potty standing, do we need to train him to wee sitting, or is it OK that he has gone straight to weeing standing? Tips on moving to trying him to poo in potty?
Katie @ Mush
Here is the link to the potty training rewards article Allison talked about: https://www.pottytrainingconsultant.com/post/should-i-offer-potty-training-rewards
how do you make the step from potty to toilet? especially when out and about.
my daughter is 2year old and she has been using potty for poo since she is 2 months old. When she was 20 month she had constipation and she’s been refusing the potty since. She know everything about potty, she puts her toys on it, she sees us in the bathroom, we read books, but she just won’t sit on when she needs like she used to do. We had a break from potty (basically nappy training again) and got new potty e tried again so during this lockdown I left her without nappy but she will hold both wee and poo until she wear nappy for nap/night. I have the feeling it’s getting very stressful for her (and for me for sure as much as I try to hide it from her). What to do?
would you start with potty or try the toilet straight away?
Danielle Mascarenhas
what is the best way to efficiently clean the potty?
Danielle Mascarenhas
Are training nappies the same as standard pull up nappies?
Vickie C
Hi Allison, fellow American here originally from Maryland. I've got a 1.5 year old son and I'm assuming we should ease him into it by getting a potty before the 3 day start you suggested. Would you be able to recommend a good potty - so many brands and different gimmicks? Also, with boys, sitting first or standing? In the future, Public toilets and children - how, I don't even sit on a public toilet?
Clare AM
When do you move from potty to toilet?
Hi Allison, thanks so much for this. My 4 year old daughter has been (day) potty trained since 2.5. She has recently started insisting on not wearing nappies at nights but her nappies are still really full in the morning. Do you have any suggestions on when/how to overnight potty train?
I have done day training together with night training, with nightraining for how long do you wake them up and when do you stop doing that and expect them to hold it until the morning or wake up by themselves
she is 29months my daughter
Becky’s iPhone
Is it ever too early to potty train? Sorry if this was answered at the beginning - I joined late!
Chloe Tanner
Is it ever too late?
Danielle Mascarenhas
Are training nappies the same as standard pull up nappies?
Allison Jandu
Larissa Nichele
this was extremely useful! thank you so much!
Chloe Tanner
thank you so much, its be really helpful