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European Movement Talk and Quiz - Shared screen with speaker view
Students are denied access to Erasmus and Socrates programs that was arguably the best EU program. Do they know that en masse? They should be told that in capital letters, IMHO.
James Ryder
How do we now best make the argument for EU science programmes such as Copernicus, Erasmus and Horizon funding when Dominic Cummings (despite all the weird things he says and does) seems to be a science enthusiast and does have a few interesting pro-science ideas?
Jenny's iPad
all goes to informing people of the benefits of membership....
Jenny's iPad
how do we combat main stream media narratives. eg this morning Today programme saying that EU citizens loose freedom of movement , but no mention of our loss
Sunil de Sayrah
can you hook up with the 1000 strong brexitometer ha group?