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Youth Mental Health Virtual Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Colbert
a friend of mine’s son took his own life at age 19. Good family, good income, no drugs or any mental issues. any comments on prevention? none of his school counselors (high school, college) saw this coming. The young man wrote a suicide note saying, “life isn’t worth it.”. comments, please. Thank you all for what you do.
Jeff Taylor
Comment: With 500,000 Arizonans applying for unemployment. What is coming after rental/eviction protections expire there will be a huge increase of families experiencing homelessness causing additional stresses.
Katey McPherson
What kind of language can we use as advocates with parents, friends, neighbors that are freaking out about school looking so different? There seems to be a growing divide rooted in anxiety about how things will look. Struggling to combat the noise of it all. Suggestions?
Vivian Friedland
Jo Anna Logue
Thank you