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Getting Ready to (Re)Open - Shared screen with speaker view
Shoshanna Gross
Good Morning and welcome! Please use the Q&A Function or the chat box to enter all questions.
James Bishop
Good Morning!
Shoshanna Gross
Best practice guidance: https://www.fda.gov/media/136811/download
Shoshanna Gross
Recommended guidance if opening in phases: http://www.afdo.org/resources/Documents/COVID19/COVID-Reopening-Criteria1-Final-4.22.20.pdf
Tod Bowen
Shoshanna Gross
Cleveland can be found here as well: https://sysco.com/Contact/Contact/Our-Locations/Cleveland
Shoshanna Gross
From Garret: At this point, that will be the recommendation for their protection and for the protection of guests. As will be the case starting on May 2, all employers will be required to have their employees wear masks. We do not believe that it will be different for food facilities.
Tod Bowen
check out Wasserstrom's blog for a lot of great information - https://www.wasserstrom.com/blog/2020/04/17/reopening-a-restaurant-a-practical-guide/
Shoshanna Gross
From Garret Guillozet to All Panelists: 10:23 AMhttps://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2
Tod Bowen
Garrett and his team keep their website updated with many great resources - https://myfcph.org/environmental-health/food-safety/
Tod Bowen
Another strong restaurant industry supplier and ORA partner that is working hard to source PPE is Burkett Restaurant and Equipment Supplies based in Toledo - https://www.burkett.com/coronavirus-commercial-kitchen-essentials/sanitation-safety-supplies
Garret Guillozet
Four questions to ask:If the answer to any ONE or more of the questions below is YES, theindividual should be sent home immediately.o Do they have a fever of 100.4°F or greater?o Do they have a cough?o Do they have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?o Have they been exposed to a positive or probable case of COVID-19?
Garret Guillozet
Those with symptoms should be advised to self-monitor for an increase in their symptoms and shouldseek medical care if the symptoms worsen. They should remain home until they are fever free withoutthe use of medication for at least 72 hours (three calendar days) AND their overall symptoms haveimproved for 72 hours AND at least seven (7) calendar days have passed since their symptoms firstbegan.
Garret Guillozet
From James Harmon to All Panelists: 10:42 AMQuestion for Garret...we have people that don't want to wear surgical type masks...can we use the plastic face shield instead?
Garret Guillozet
A face shield, based on the current guidance, is not a substitute for a face covering.
Garret Guillozet
my email: garrettguillozet@franklincountyohio.gov
Garret Guillozet
I will try to help provide clarification as I am able. Please do not hesitate to contact your local health inspector for guidance.
Kevin Tinsley
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