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SNAPA - Virtual with Vonda - Shared screen with speaker view
Megan Schaper
If an application is changed to paid for non-response, when the family reapplies in the fall, do we require proof of income as we would if they reapplied within the same school year?
Sharon Adami
I thought you could only serve meals when students were in school, either virtually or in person? Are you saying we can provide meals for Saturday and Sunday?
Melissa Froehlich
Can you confirm if we were SFSP for all 2020-21 we still need to file verification but just check mark that we are exempt and submit?
Erin Griffin
What form do we use for on site monitoring for SFSP?
Shannon Stone
Have you heard anything for Summer Feeding if we will be able to use the F&R percentages from last year to apply? I know some federal programs are doing this.
Carol Gilbert
If we are operating under SSO when school begins in August 2021 will we use the meal status of the students from June 2020?
Lori Bumbaugh
We ran NSLP for 2 weeks and then moved to SFSP - we have completed the SFSP monitoring , do we still need to fill out the NSLP on- site monitoring form by the end of the year?
Jennifer j
No, you do not need to complete NSLP Monitoring