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WIC - Session 2: Successful Workplace Diversity Strategies - Shared screen with gallery view
Jennifer Cohen
nice to be here!
Jesse Garchik
Thanks! We’re happy to have you!
Meg K
Thank you for saying that Lisa!
Jane Mahaffie
So our leadership is diverse for women, and we talk about diversity...we have tried to open up for staff to become part of these discussions but didn't have much response. We didn't want to "force" people to participate...how are companies engaging staff and not just discussing on the management level?
Thank you to the panel for addressing this important topic. As the Americas Chair of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee at HKA, I’m finding that there is great benefit in have a global and unified approach. How have you addressed inconsistencies (if any) on what ED&I means across your global footprint, particularly when a company is, as Toshi says, an amalgamation of brands and business cultures.
Miranda Fischer
Per Jane’s question, our company *did* force all employees to do “diversity and unconscious bias” training, but the end result was so incredibly watered down that I feel like they didn’t want to “offend” those who needed it most. How can we create meaningful change?
Julianna Falzon SI
How are you handling the recent Executive Order in terms of navigating the Diversity and Inclusion space?
Kayla Arango Gomez
My org recently launched an Abilities network for people with disabilities.
Meg K
Kayla that's great! It seems that disabilities/invisible illnesses/neurodiversity are more often than not a blind spot in the construction industry
Jen Roberts - WT
How do you bring what is found in the ERG's to upper management to create change?
ERG's also give younger employees an opportunity to manage where they wouldn't in their every day jobs
Marcy Brusoe
How have your ERGs helped the field management improve their inclusion and affirmation of diversity in workers in site?
Lisa Moving
Jen ….One thing I didn't mention is that it is important to have an Executive Sponsor who supports the ERG and connects with Senior management.
Marcy Brusoe
How do you track the validation and visibility of employees that belong to marginalized groups?
Miranda Fischer
EXACTLY!!! To go beyond “box checking”
Kim Abercrombie
Is the benchmark to reach diversity levels that roughly match the surrounding demographics? Or something different?
Julianna Falzon SI
How are you handling the recent Executive Order in terms of navigating the Diversity and Inclusion space?
Jesse Garchik
Thanks to everyone for these great questions. We’re out of time, but we will do our best to touch on them and send a follow-up email to all participants