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NH Child Care Advisory Council Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa Clement
@Deb Hunter - the State Police has instructions on their website regarding using the portal vs. calling for an appointment. Since the individual is responsible for payment it appears they are requiring the portal to be used:Scheduling Fingerprint AppointmentIf you need to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting and you are responsible for payment, please click on the FINGERPRINT ICON at the top of the page to schedule your appointment, make payment and receive information.If you need to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting and the AGENCY is responsible for payment, please call: (603) 223-3867 to schedule your appointment.
Melissa Clement
@Sally - licensing rules require that FA/CPR be pediatric, that is not new. If it is not indicated on the card we would ask for verification from the instructor who taught the course or by some other means.
Melissa Clement
@Sally if a waiver is needed for lead teachers that can be done using the regular waiver process
Melissa Clement
RE renewal notices - CCLU is transitioning to an online application which will make it easier, forms can be found online here until then: https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/oos/cclu/forms.htm. We have sent out applications for programs that expire through September, and if we are unable to have the online portal available soon we will send out application materials to programs that expire after that.