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NC Budget Advocates Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Goodie
Again -- if you do not have the handouts please PM me your email address and I will forward them to you. Thanks!
11-Adriana De La Cruz - Del Rey NC
I am also the budget rep for del rey nc
2-Garry Fordyce
Barbara moving on is not identifying agenda item ???
10-Jennifer Goodie
We appear to still be on the agenda item called "Links"
2-Glenn Bailey
Agenda Item Fg(ii)
2-Glenn Bailey
CAO budget memos are issued in early May in conjunction with the Budget and Finance Committee’s deliberation of the Mayor's Proposed Budget.If you would like to receive these memos via email as they are posted, please click here https://www.lacity.org/government/subscribe-agendasnotifications/city-departments and enter your name and email address, check the box under CAO for CAO Budget Memos and click the Subscribe button.
11-Kay Hartman (she/her)
The president and VP are not budget reps if they don't have Budget Reps. The president and VP can vote for BAs if they don't have Reps. That's it.
11-Jon Liberman
If are no BR's the President and Treasurer can vote for BA's. The VP does not have a vote
11-Kay Hartman (she/her)
That was a mistake I made. Thank you, Jon, for the correction. You are correct.
11-Kay Hartman (she/her)
The point is that there are no de facto budget reps.
2-Glenn Bailey
Please only provide the approved URL: www.BudgetAdvocates.org