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CLV Business Reopening and Preparedness Grant - Shared screen with speaker view
Darcey Hall
Vegas-owned Healthcare Unlocked sells PPE wholesale to public, including KN95 Masks, 3ply Masks, Gloves, and WHO Formula HAND SANITIZER. The hand sanitizer is produced here in Vegas!: https://www.healthcareunlocked.com/?aff=4
Paul Murad
Would be great to prepare for a next wave and mandated closure if there will be one…Let’s hope not. But if there is, why not create grant for businesses to install security cameras and devices around the perimeter of their business so they would not be compelled to board up again and make it look like a war zone (albeit a beautiful war zone with murals ;-). That way we need less of neighborhood patrolling also like Arts District has done in an admirable way.
Thank you very much for the last Board Up and Mural program by the way. Appreciate you putting it together, Bill and Team!!
Paul Murad
Thanks a lot everyone!
Paul Murad
Outdoor dining is different from outdoor dining on public sidewalks?
Paul Murad
Can a business that is building out inside of their new business, open with a food truck parked in their patio?
Darcey Hall
Thank you!