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Virtual Glam - Dramatic Eye Shadow - Shared screen with speaker view
Ankita Sinha
Hi Evanna, love your smokey eye look. The colors are so vibrant.. Never seen such a look before..
Ankita Sinha
I have very area around my eyes and I always love others wearing the classic smokey eye in black, but when I try, I always look like a ghost. What am I doing wrong here? And what are some of the transition colors we must use for the classic black everyday look?
Ankita Sinha
I think I missed the word while typing. I have very small area around my eyes. Where should I start adding the black shade into my eyes? Also, what colors of lip shade will go with it? Also, what color of eyeliner should we use on the waterline with the classic black?
Tiffany Green
Please email feedback to your program director!
Ankita Sinha
Thank you very much :)
Janice Lindo
you did an amazing job
Shabariya Ponnudurai
thank you 😊
Shabariya Ponnudurai
that was amazing 😻
Ankita Sinha
What was the brush you used on the waterline?
jacqueline Tisdale
Great job! Will this video be saved for us to view again later it was a lot of great information and details
Ankita Sinha
Great job! Thank you :)