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Stephen Roberts
Agreed! Unfortunately I am slightly preoccupied with work at the moment.
Stephen Roberts
Reminds me of Saint Paul when he grieves that he is not with those whom he is writing. Our union with each of the members of the Mystical Body is an ineffable intimacy that will only be complete in Paradise… but is tasted when in closer proximity
Mark Alagi
This makes a lot of sense to me and moved me emotionally. I can see people I left in America few weeks back whom I missed dearly but can't touch them or hug them. It has shown truly that what matters is not the flesh but our soul to soul and heart to heart connection through the trinity.
Mark Alagi
I told my Bishop in a meeting I had with him on my return that the priesthood means nothing to me if I don't have a spiritual intimate relationship with God and live in the spirit. Our calling is meant to sanctify us and bring us closer to heaven because it will be sad we work hard to bring souls to Christ but lost ours because we are preoccupied with protecting our ecclesiastical authority and abusing the divine authority God placed on us. Nothing in this world is permanent. Since my return to Africa I have been passing through one of the most difficult moments in my life, I felt abandoned and left alone in the cold. I almost went into depression but God showed up for me. In few weeks I would be going home to Nigeria to decompress. I hope to be consistent on this prayer meeting to help me go through my process of healing.đŸ˜‡
Prayers for you Father Mark.