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Emerge #LeadersMatter Virtual Salon: Public Safety Amidst a Public Health Crisis - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Pearl
Hello from beautiful Santa Rosa, CA! I hope everyone is well and safe.
Sandra Bishop
Hi Amy - Berkeley is looking good today too. I am a audience member today! And, super excited for this panel!!
Amy Pearl
Thank you Shannon for all you do to recruit and support women to run for office! We know women respond to being asked to run, asked more than once, because we need to know we are needed, there's a purpose, and there are folks who have our back!
Erika Yalowitz
Loving this!
Alice Smith
Thanks to Andrea Dew Steele for seeing and believing in strong women. Time for her to run ... I would be all in with any campaign she ran for
Alice Smith
LWV Palo Alto is hoping for more to Understand Red Flag laws, and to help regulate in every town and city locking up guns and ammunition. I am not speaking for the League but am proud of the work we have done with all these marvelous gun-control activists. Time to help advocate for gun-control and reasonable legislative action.
Amy Pearl
HR8. The House has made a start - time to Flip the US Senate. It's not enough to get rid of Mitch, we have to flip the Senate.
Elise Perry Miller
Hello from Boulder. To address public safety during a public health crisis, I am hoping to hear about how this pandemic has effected gun violence. Someone said to me the other day “isn’t it great? no schools in session, no big gatherings, no more mass shootings” but in actuality, gun sales and domestic violence has increased. What can we do to help those that are NOT “safe at home” ? or to get the word out that guns are still an issue, just in a different way
Amy Pearl
I'm on the Trump campaign's email list. They gave my email to a group called Gundynamics - one of their recent fundraising efforts was a raffle of an AK47 :-(
Blair Walsingham
MITCH HAS TO GO! and he will!!!Shannon you are spot on!
Blair Walsingham
It is so inspiring to see all you intelligent and spirited women striving for change! thank you all so much.
Maureen Blanc
There are some key races in GA this election cycle, can you comment on any of them and thoughts on flipping these key seats?
Dale Schroedel
Particularly interested to know Lucy’s thoughts about the two US Senate races in GA in 2020.
Blair Walsingham
What can you advise some down ballot candidate to help us flip theses seats? I'm running for congress US House Tn District 1 as a gun sense candidate by MDA! <3 I'm a mother of 4 and very honored to carry that label.
Blair Walsingham
You rock Congresswoman McBath!!!!
Erika Yalowitz
Thank you Congresswoman McBath! It's important to get the job done <3
Alice Smith
Important to work with Andrea Miller at ReclaimOurVote to register the 30m people who have been disenfranchised. Voting rights is the immediate problem we need to help VoterRiders.org
Amy Pearl
Thank you Blair for running! Have you done any of the Emerge trainings?
Amy Pearl
Blair, also Together Tennessee! We need to invest in all 50 states - and we need new leadership in TN.
Blair Walsingham
I have not completed Emerge training yet. I have signed up but yet to have one.Thank you ladies! You are truly motivational
Amy Pearl
Go, go, go, Blair!
Lisa Kelley
Amazing women!!!