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Striving to Thriving: Youth Occupational Identity formation among Black and Hispanic young people - Shared screen with speaker view
Julian Cohen
Julian Cohen, Director, Career Pathways, Per Scholas - interested in youth career pathways in STEM in particular
Erin Littlepage
Erin Littlepage, Stanislaus State. I am interested in building relevancy and meaning in the curriculum and developing that interest early - possibly around career interests.
Isa Ellis
Isa Ellis, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Excited to see who is interested in learning about this research.
Jake Williams
Jake Williams, Program Manager, CareerWise Colorado. The webinar was recommended by a colleague. Interested in the research and how it might inform our work on youth apprenticeship programs across the country.
Emily Froimson
Emily Froimson, Achieving the Dream. Interested in learning more about occupational identity formation among young people.
Diana Hunter
Diana Hunter, Tides (Hi Emily!) - Thinking about ways to connect student voices to our postsecondary work.
Oakley Boren
Oakley Boren. Marketing Manager. EXP - the opportunity engine. Our organization works with underserved high school students in Southern California. We do work with black and hispanic youth and lower income youth. But personally, as privileged Asian immigrant, I always love to learn more to better understand students I serve.