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Relay Searcher Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Alfonso Blohm
Please feel free to send questions for our panelists through the group chat.
Felipe Corcuera
While some lenders have historically had less appetite for ARR-based lending (preference for EBITDA-based lending), most SaaS companies are proving to be resilient in crises and outperforming. Has this changed your views on ARR-based lending?
Arun S
Has your loan closing timeline changed compared to pre-COVID? What is the average closing timeline moving forward?
Ryan Kelly
Have you spoken with any searchers having debt service issues? If so, how have you and those searchers approached those issues?
Jeremy Faulk
Beyond reduction in leverage have schedules and term lengths diverged? I was told anecdotally about some banks shortening terms but leaving am schedules unchanged.