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Refugees in Times of Global Crisis - Shared screen with speaker view
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Is roselyns screen sharing working for anyone ?
Deborah Foy
Hi Mark, it's working for me
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Deborah Foy
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Kelly Jennings-Robinson
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Yengi Lokule
The COVID Pandemic has compelled our Savings Groups to embrace opening of Bank Accounts other than keeping savings in a box. With the reduced income, crime increased and some SGs lost their Savings Boxes. The number of Savings Groups coming to us (Rural Finance Initiative-Uganda) has therefore increased. This has increased cash safely and peace of mind for the cash keepers. Yengi Lokule
Deborah Foy
Lot of questions coming in, as well as your great ones, thanks Fatima
Yengi Lokule
With the 30% reduction in Food Ratios to refugees and the impact of COVID-19, a lot of them have gone into farming to cover the deficit. They lease land form the host communities at USD 7 Dollars per Acre and engage in a variety of farming activities especially for Refugees in the West Nile Region of Uganda. Yengi
Stephen Peachey
I work with the Savings at the Frontier partnership between Mastercard Foundation and Oxford Policy Management of the UK and that works specifically on improving bank and other financial service providers offer to groups and their members (https://www.opml.co.uk/projects/savings-frontier). One really important point coming from SEEP best practice on this is that banks and MFIs must not let group money get deposited into individual accounts even as an emergency measure. We are working on respectful ways of questioning the source of monies being deposited because we are having real problems with getting town-based officers out into rural areas because villagers are very suspicious of anyone coming out of town. Does anyone have any experience in this field?
Deborah Foy
Fascinating insights and questions Yengi, thank you
Michael Warmington
Yes, would be good to hear about Yengi’s work seeing SGs moving to bank accounts maybe?
Paul Blyth
Great job Pete at moderating and great Q&A - Brava!
Kelly Jennings-Robinson
Paul Blyth
Thank you to Dana, Pete, Michael, Noah, and Roselyne for a fabulous event … you guys know sooo much! and you have moved our thinking forward! Bravo!!!
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